The Female Dog In Heat Cycle

Female dog in heat is a huge responsibility to bear. Your dog’s body is going to go through a variety of changes when in heat. In order to keep your dog healthy, safe, and happy, there are a few things you can do. Here are some female dog in heat symptoms you should look for.

Female dog in heat: During the first heat cycle your dog may be more irritable and exhibit behavior problems. Her coat may start to change color and become matted. She pee and poo flow may appear black or brownish instead of white. You may even notice your female dog becoming less affectionate.

How long do female dogs stay in heat and what are signs of a dog in heat?

The first signs of heat wave generally begin at approximately thirteen weeks of age and last between four and seven weeks. Some signs of hormonal imbalance that you should be on the lookout for include behavioral problems such as begging, separation anxiety, urination, and blood in the urine. Puppies who are not properly socialized and exposed to humans (especially new people) may also exhibit some of these symptoms. At this stage female puppies go into heat every twelve to fourteen weeks. It is important to pay attention to your female puppy’s signs during this first season.

Another symptom is appetite changes. Some puppies in the heat cycle may eat a lot more than usual and/or experience gastrointestinal problems, bloating, or constipation. Others seem to eat less but are still experiencing hunger and thirst. Female dogs will lose weight because their breasts start to enlarge and there is increased production of estrogen.

The third sign that you should be concerned about is vaginal discharge. This is the most common sign of a heat cycle in dogs. This can vary from light to heavy discharge. You will notice white or grayish spots in the female’s discharge. This is the female dog’s way of preparing to breed.

You will also notice swollen vulva in the female dog. The vulva can dilate to become as large as the vagina which is accompanied with an increase in vaginal discharge. The reproductive cycle is completed in the summertime when the female dog becomes fully bred. However, during the wintertime the female dog will have her proestrus period which can last from three to nine days.

Some signs you should be aware of are a decrease in grooming, decreased appetite, and decreased sex drive. The female dog will not be in the position to breed due to not being able to breed. If you see these signs in your dog, it’s a good indication that she is in the unspayed state.

When your dog is in heat, it may become quite obvious to other dogs or humans that she is out of it. The dog’s owner may become concerned as well and ask you if she has been spayed or not. Although some dogs may have their reproductive cycles completed the rest of the year you should always check your pet for any changes including lack of appetite, swelling around the vulva, and a decrease in grooming. These are some of the signs that will let you know your pet is experiencing heat.

Due to the social status of spayed females often do not show signs of heat at all. Spaying or neutering often times lowers the amount of hormones and thus lowers the temperature of the female dog. Due to these hormones and the low temperature of the pet often the dogs will not exhibit any heat. The only time they may become active is when they are being walked or petted.

Female dogs rarely get to experience the joys of pregnancy like their male counterparts so if you plan on bringing a puppy into your home during this time you may want to wait until the female is spayed or neutered. Puppies are often born with testes that do not work properly during the first heat cycle. The testes will usually shut down before they are ready to be fertilized so puppies are not as likely to heat at this time. However, if you are planning on breeding your female dog you should plan on bringing your dog into heat shortly after the first heat cycle is complete.

Female dog heat cycles can last anywhere from 9 days to a few months. During each cycle the dog’s body releases androgens and estrogens. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the development of the male characteristics. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for the development of the female characteristics. When the female dog is in heat, the testes will produce less testosterone and more estrogen which cause the female dog to become more receptive to sexual advances from males.

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