Mini Educator Ecollar Remote Dog Trainer

ET-300 Mini half mile Educator ecollar

The ET-300 Mini Educator Ecollar Remote Dog Trainer is a proprietary  very “blunt ” most  effective and humane remote dog trainer  available in the market today. With its small 2.4 ounce receiver, it provides a great amount of stimulation for small and large dogs. It has alternate stimulation options that includes vibration and tone remote training.

Have your beloved puppy trained effectively and safely with the Educator by using the E-Collar Technologies proprietary Mini half Mile Range RemoteMini Educator Ecollar for training dogs. Where smaller hands or in situations or in where discreetness is important, the smaller transmitter is well suited for.

As mentioned earlier, this ingenious dog training gear utilizes a very low level, direct electronic stimulation by providing a humane condition for you pet to obey without needing higher levels of potentially other harmful corrective measures or stimulus. It has other unique features that include the “lock and set” levels of stimulation ranging from 1 to 100, and also has the ability to set a level of boosting that ranges from 1 to 60 so that you would be able to tailor the level based on your dog’s behavior.

The 2.4-ounce receiver is very suitable for all dog that are over 5 pounds. It also comes with a vibration mode that is easy to activate by just simply tapping a button, including light for night tracking to increase visibility, where visibility is low and ease of designation in situations where a two dog system is used.

Key Benefits of the e collar technologies mini educator.

A Pain-Free Experience

One big advantage that this collar has over shock collars is that is provides a very effective training and response from you best friend without causing pain and stress provided it is used correctly.

Easy to Use

Onlike other dog training collars that are difficult to use, the Mini Educator Ecollar Dog Training Collar is designed to make it easy to use with tittle time and effort. It comes with a simple controller with very large buttons including coincise and clear intructions that areceasyto understand.

Wider range

This training collar possesses a half mile range and provides an exclusive low-level and blunt stimulation to safely, effectively and quickly condition your dog’s behavior.

Water proof.

The collar is made of Bio Thane which is a very unique polyester material that is covered with a unique polymer coating which is very highly durable, waterproof and very easy to be cleaned, and can easily be modified to fit without any fraying.

The intuitive button layout makes it well suited for very small hands and has a small waterproof transmitter, and available as a two or one dog system.

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Some Important Features

Alternative Stimulation options

It comes with alternate stimulation options that include vibration and tone remote training With the night tracking light, it can be set to either flash or solid depending on situation and especially very convenient when it is being used in a two-dog system.

E collar technologies mini educator et 300 utilizes smooth, clean medical grade Blunt (wide) Pulse Technology similar to the TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine that is utilized on humans by physical therapists and chiropractors. The Blunt Pulse Simulation (BPS) is topical and designed to muscles to reflex, compared to older and outdated Sharp Pulse utilized by cheaper brands from Asia that do penetrate the muscles to stimulate neurons that can cause pain and head jerking.

Lock and Set feature for a no look operation

Emphasis on the Mini Educator Ecollar is put on looking for the best and lowest level that your puppy can respond to. The mini educator dog training e collar Technology utilizes the patented Class of Service (CoS) designed to to make it easy to find the right level of stimulation to prevent over stimulation, and the lock and set feature that lets you lock in the simulation setting on a button giving you a no look operation,

Tone only Response Option

Added to it is a Pavilion tone which is a great feature that enables your pet to respond only to tones for a short duration Holding down, the tone button makes your puppy to hear an audible beeping sound for about fifteen seconds and then followed by your set simulation level until the button is released which gives your pet a clear message to immediately respond to your orders or commands.

ET-300 Mini Educator Ecollar Remote Dog Trainer
ET-300 Mini Educator Ecollar Remote Dog Trainer

Ergonomic design

The e collar technologies mini educator is ergonomically designed in style to look like a stop watch with a very clear view of an amazing backlight LCD screen designed to let your thumb to rest over the tone/vibration button comfortably while your middle and pointed fingers are rest directly over the 2 simulation buttons.

The e collar for dogs mini educator ET 300 dog remote trainer does come with a lanyard to make it easy to hang your remote around your neck although some individuals rather prefer keeping it in their pocket. An added belt clip gives another option for people who would rather chose to attach it to their pants or belt.


Does your dog ignore commands?

You might want to join several happy puppy parents who have been having complements on their dogs’ good behavior and they no longer have stress on walking their dogs or get angry about their desructive behavior like tearing up furniture.

The ET-300 ZEN kit is furnished with a time tested e collar tech mini educator and their next generation remote system eliminates the guesswork when training your puppy to listen and follow orders.

The e collar technologies mini educator remote dog trainer system has several modes including tone and vibrate. When a training requires more stimulation there is one hundred levels of static correction in both the continuous and momentary modes couples with boost levels ranging from 1 to 60.

Your mini educator e collar training system is tailored to helping you to train your non-aggressive dog in less time.

Their designer styed remote that has paw prints with cute yin and yang, can be easily read, fun to hold and use. With its patented “lock and set” safety features, users can have a peace of mind and has a flush mounted button that is designed to position critical controls for easy access and fast response and also to prevent accidental impact.

Designed to reach up to half a mile, 800 meters or 900 yards, plus a faster response time, you can allow your best friend to roam freely and at the same time training them to stay close bye when needed.

The dual charger is designed to charge both remote and collar together in two hours or less and providing you with a twenty four hours of battery life.

Its cut-to-fit (for dogs eight pounds and up) adjustable 30 inches biothane strap and collar having a night light having solid or flashing setting makes it easily spot your dog.

What’s Included in the ET-300 Mini Educator Ecollar Remote Dog Trainer?

(1) Waterproof Miniature Collar Receiver,
(1) Waterproof Miniature Floating Remote,
(1) 3/4″ x 30″ Biothane Collar (Ready to Be Cut to Size),
(2) Sets of Contact Points (5/8″ and 3/4″),
(1) Contact Point Removal Tool
(1) Dual Battery Charger (120V/220V),
(1) mini educator e collar et 300 owner’s manual with Training Tips,
(1) Lanyard for the Remote, (1) Color Storage Box


This product is designed and intended to be utilized on DOG ONLY

This collar can be cut to size.

Correctly Fitting the Collar.

The collar’s adjustment should be such that you allow the contact points to make a direct contact with the skin. To get a correct fit, you must be able to slip a couple of fingers between the dog’s skin and the collar strap. If too tight, you risk the chance of discomfort or your pet’s skin irritation. Also too loose, is not also good because the contact points are not going to make good skin contact to provide a reliable stimulation which can result to skin irritation due to what is known as chafing.

If you have a short haired dog, you might need the 3/8″ microprobes that are offered as an accessory. Conversely, some dog breeds that have very thick fur will also require special contact points. The optimal position that the receiver should be placed is on either side of the windpipe of the dog. If the 5/8” contact points that come with your device do not make good contact, please you should refer to page twenty four to find out how to change the contact points.

The use of antibiotic ointment can aid in healing the irritations.


Where can I buy the ET-300Mini Educator Ecollar Remote Dog Trainer

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Will I have the ability to train my dog to listen to given commands?

Yes the The ET-300 Mini Educator 1/2 mile remote trainer uses a proprietary “blunt stimulation for effective and humane remote training to make your dog to pay attention to your commands. The e collar tech mini educator ET300 will make a smart but stubborn puppy into a genius.

How do you use  the ET-300 Mini 1/2 mile ecollar Remote Dog Trainer?

What is the difference between e collar and shock collar?

The word “shock” is loaded with biased connotations” (Lindsay, 2005). Electronic collars use electronic stimulation or ES and not electric shocks ES is an artificial stimulation of living tissues by using an electric current or field (IEC).”

So what is the difference? “Electric shock is the sudden application of electric current to a living organism with sufficient strength and duration to produce a convulsive or thermal effect (IEC) with injurious exposure consequences (Reilly 1998).” Typically electronic shocks are uncontrolled and usually take place when electricity accidentally penetrates an a human body or animal to earth. The effect is completely different from what is distributed using an electronic training collar. There is no injurious effects on the stimulation of the Transcutaneous electrical nerve and can not cause a burn on the skin and do not behave like electric shocks to the epidemis.

Is the et 300 mini educator e collar waterproof?

The Educator ET-300 Mini has a five star rating by customers and it is by far the most versatile and top selling dog training collar on the market today. What is the difference between a micro educator and a mini educator?

The micro mini educator is smaller and lighter with less stimulation. It might have about twenty percent less for each category. it also commands a shorter range of 1/3 of a mile as compared to the Mini Educator with 1/2 mile range. The Mini educator is high ly recommended for individuals who use service dogs as it is what most service dog users use in training dogs but perfect for those who own their dogs too. With its water proof design the mini educator e collar training collar will continue functioning correctly even if it is submerged in water.

Do vibration collars work?

Yes. a vibration dog collar works. A vibration collar for dogs is a unique kind of dog collar device that operates like a pager with two main built in component parts. The hand held control unit that can be easily controlled by the dog owner, and the collar itself that is worn around the dog’s neck. the collar works by pressing a remote button on a hand held device which causes a vibration on the collar and causes the dog to pay attention to its owner.

The vibration dog collar does come in different range of sizes, but the most attractive and preferred collar is the on that has the most flexible adjustments. All vibration dog collar do have vibration adjustment settings and must not be harmful to the dog. If the device is used correctly, it can be used to control dogs that bark. Another way it can be used is for communication with deaf dogs.

Can a dog sleep with an E collar?

Yes – dogs are able to drink, eat, poop and pee with the collar (cone) on them. In fact the more strict you are with the collar,( Officially known as Elizabethan collar or e collar for short) the faster your dog will get accustomed to it

What is the best dog age that you should start e collar training?

Some dogs are prepared to use this training collar at about fifteen week of age but for the majority of the other dogs, they should get to about six months before they can start using.

Should I take my dog’s collar off at night?

Although you dog can wear the device at any time of the day, in order to protect your dogs neck and give it some relief by letting the skin to air out, you can take your dog’s collar off at night. It is recommended that you rotate the collar regularly and making sure that the dog is comfortable with the fit.

It is very vital to know the correct age when dogs can start using shock collars to make sure that they are effectively and correctly used.  According to Breeding Business, the recommended acceptable age to start using shock collars is at least 8 to 10 weeks of age. We recommend that you checkout theET-300 Mini Educator Ecollar Remote Dog Trainer.

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