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What is dog agility?

Dog Agility is a dog sport that require a dog handler to direct a dog through a variety of obstacle courses in a race. It is a dog sport that attracts both dog owners and spectators of all ages. It measures a dog’s willingness to obey basic commands and to work with a dog owner or handler. It involves time, distance and accuracy couples with a variety of dog agility jump set training equipment utilized to achieve a desired objective which is usually to comlete a course.

In this article I will be discussing what the dog agility equipment are usually made up of, and also give 10 best outdoor dog agility training equipment set review. You have to initially take into account your commitment on time and dedication into training your dog using different dog agility techniques, and whether your goal is to eventually participate in a k9 agility competition. That can guide you into how much you would want to invest in training your dog in terms of time and money.

In order to increase their dog’s skill level, trainers use dog agility jump set training equipment in a open space like a playground, a park or a back yard for training. . The dog follows commands and runs unleashed with no toys or food as incentives and the handler is not permitted to touch neither the dog nor the obstacles. A lot of different equipment are used to complete the course. Since most of the agility skill programs and equipment do require a considerable amount of space, dog parks or playground are ideal locations.

Whether your goal is to compete in a dog agility competition or you just want to do it to have fun with your dog, agility a an amazing exercise option to bond with your dog. Agility requires the dog and its handler to to complete an obstacle course within the shortest amount of time they can, and as accurate as possible. It is an intensive athletic event that demands training, concentration and teamwork. dog agility is a lot of fun and you do not have to enter a completion to enjoy it. Backyard agility courses are great ways to provide stimulation and exercise to a develop a lasting a trusting relationship with your puppy.

What equipment are used in dog agility?

The most common pieces of agility equipment are weave courses, jumps and tunnels. You can create or make every piece of the agility competition equipment equipment, or just stick to a few basic equipment.

To practice and make yourself good at dog agility and then training your dog in the sport is more about the commitment to practice rather than the equipment themselves. Many dog owner can get mazing results with a limited number of agility items, sometime using just basic or small agility starter kits. The idea of trying to get an advanced starter kit like the first one that I have featured usually requires a more experienced dog trainer, or someone who intends to go all the way, and is seriously thinking about getting into an agility competition.

With good dog agility training equipment set, you can take your dog training to a different level. This is very true when your goal to be good at agility training and at the same time make your dog happy and well exercised, This provides amazing activities that are beneficial to both you and your dog in terms of exercise and fitness. With a lot of great exercises to chose from agility activities, you can bond a lot more with your dog.

Homemade dog agility training equipment

DIY Dog Agility Equipment

Due to the fact that a very good dog agility training equipment set kit is quite expensive, as a pet owner, you may chose to build your own homemade dog agility training equipment set. You can create a Do-It-Yourself agility course to train your dog in a backyard. The is a real possibility and a lot of individuals have followed this route, but it requires some minimal investment and a few days of work.

You just have to be very carful how you go about getting your agility set ready because some pet owners have had a bad experience of having their DIY dog agility equipment ending up costing more than the one in the store, and not taking into account their time invested. However, if you are someone who is handy, and enjoy building things like during a weekend, this might be something you might want to consider

Below are some of the DIY guide that we recommend and have been used in the past.

10 best outdoor dog agility training equipment set

1. Expert Dog 9-Piece Agility Course Kit

from BarkPark

7-Piece dog agility training equipment set
7-Piece dog agility training equipment set

For anyone who is considering buying a premade dog agility training course, there are lots of options to consider ranging from very cheap for about $50 dollars to very expensive, about ($10,000 plus. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, I have provided below some very top choices I have recommended in the past.

BarkPark Best, it Show 7-Piece dog agility training equipment set. This kit set does contain just about everything that you would need in any agility kit. This is by far my preferred and favorite dog agility equipment for dogs as it contains just about everything that either a beginner or an experienced trainer would need. It comes with hoop jump, doggie craw, king of the hill, 5 stepping paw, a teeter totter, and much more. This is mainly for serous dog owners who have the desire to train and get into agility competitions,

This is available in two-color schemes, beige and green or red and blue. All the components are made of powder coated steel and the areas are all coated using thermoplastic coating desined to prevent slipping. The space required for the installation should be a minimum of 70 by 70 feet,

The reason the BarkPark Best dog agility jump set training equipment is first on the list is due to the fact that it gives the most comprehensive option when it comes to inclusiveness compared to others. It also demands the widest range and space to load. For the roughness and sheer volume, this kit is a preferred choice.

PROS: It is amazing to see the amount of items that comes with the BarkPark Best Dog Agility Course Set. The amount of space that it requires is definitely worth it considering that you would have all the items you would ever need in a competition. Because of its durability, the kit cannot be collapsed by inclement weather condition.

CONS: Although this is our number one pick for the dog agility equipment, I just want to let you know that it comes with a very heavy price tag with a list price of over 10k in several store locations. But if your desire is to goall in and train your dog to get into big competitions, then it is something that is worth investing in.

Wher to buy the 9 Piece Dog Agility Training Equipment Set :

Preently at the time of this writing , you can get it at Wayfair

2. Affordable Agility in the Bag

Affordable Agility kit in a bag
Affordable Agility in the Bag kit

Intermediate level

Kit includes: 6 Weave Poles, Adjustable bar jump, PVC Pause Box, Tire jump, and 3 feet tunnel with closed chute.

The number two best dog agility equipment review kit is the Affordable Agility in the Bag kit which comes in rugged carrying bag that contains a a tire jump, weave-pole set, free-standing bases, a tunnel, a hurdle jump, and a chute for training you puppy to move though obstacles, Velcro is used in its attachment and its 5 popular-constructed obstacles are designed to be used on both sides, that is, inside out.

The toolkit affordable agility agility in the bag comes second in our selection as compared to the first pick

PROS: The Affordable Agility in the Bag kit has a lot of positive aspects to it, and all of them are reflected in our review based on the durability and useful life of he kit. I have used the cost to value ration to rank it as the second choice compared to other pet owners’ review as states below. They say that they used this kit for a long time and even the velcro attachment did not wear down with time. The polar construction is is sturdy and if it is regularly msintained and well kept in top condition

CONS: Although this is one of the choices I recommend because of the high quality materials used and what is included, has a few drawbacks. For example, there is required maintenance for the polar-polishing and then waxing. If you are someone who does not have the time to take care of that, it could become a problem for you.

3. Tire Jump, Weave Poles, Single Jump & Tunnel

Tire Jump, Weave Poles, Single Jump & Tunnel
Tire Jump, Weave Poles, Single Jump & Tunnel

Level: Beginner

Tire Jump, Weave Poles, Single Jump & Tunnel from Cheering Pet

Kit includes: Single Jump, Tire Jump, Dog Agility Tunnel, and Set of 6 Stick in the Ground weave poles.

This dog agility training equipment set is number three in my pick and it come from Cheering Pet. This Dog Agility Equipment comes with a single double jump bar, a weave pole, a chute, a tunnel and pole replacement. It is made of a very strong and durable gfurniture grade PVC that lasts for long. It has a shipping weight of 55 pounds.

Compared to the previous two above, it does not come with a lot of equipment and obstacle like those. It has an impressive variety and many customers who have already purchased and used this set were very satisfied.

PROS: A big plus for this Tire Jump, Weave Poles, Single Jump & Tunnel set is the durability. That is why it is my third recommended dog agility equipment that is out there. Materials used in the construction of this agility set are very expensive and do last for long especially the PVC. The different variety of this kit are expensive as well which makes this set a good buy for the price.

CONS: Compared o the previous dog agility jump set training equipment that I have highlighted above, this does not come with the same amount of equipment as the other two, so if your desire is to get involved in an intensive dog training regiment, you might want to consider one of the other two previously reviews.

Where to buy the Weave Poles Dog Agility Equipment.

Check it out on amazon

4. Mini Travel Teeter (Dog Agility See-saw)

Affordable Agility Mini Travel Teeter
Mini Travel Teeter https://amzn.to/3BXtnJn

This is presently unavailable from several retailers. keep checking if this is what you want. When it becomes available you might want to check it out as it is a good buy.

My number four in ranking the dog agility training equipment set is the Affordable Agility Mini Travel Teeter. This is amazing for pet owners who are on a budget. This Affordable Agility Mini Travel Teeter is going to help your dog be successful by helping it to develop its balancing skills. This is equipment set is weather-proof which means that it can be left outside a considerable amount of time without being worried about potential damage The boards used are made from strong material that would not twist or warp. It measures 12” high having a board that is 8ft in length and just about 11″ wide. The material is treated to make it anti-slip.

The reason why I have chosen the Agility Mini Travel Teeter as the fourth best option is because it is just a single piece of equipment, a teeter totter, making it not as expensive as the previous selections.

PROS: Being heavy duty, this kit is an amazing piece of equipment for individuals looking to train their dogs in this specific area. With the slip-proof design of this equipment making it safe as well coupled with its durability, it makes it a good investment.

CONS: Just like some of the other k9 agility kits, this is not designed to be used by someone who is serious in participating in an eventual agility competition in the future.

5. Hurdle Set for Dog Fitness and Agility

. Hurdle Set for Dog Fitness and Agility
. Hurdle Set for Dog Fitness and Agility https://amzn.to/304RPLq

from Lord Anson

This kit from Lord Anson is ranked number 5 on my dog agility equipment kit selection becuase it is a little different. This is a huddle set the can make your dog to become an expert hurdler. There is an increment increase of 2” to 30” which does provide a challenge as your dog goes through to complete the maze. This set is made up of 40 inch jumping barsand for additional configurations has with 8 cones with cut out holes. It has 8 high adjustment attachments has a blck carrying bag to make it easy to carry and it is also lightweight.

Kit includes eight highly-visible blue hurdle cones that have cutout holes, forty inch jumping bars and eight height-adjustment attachments.

For portability and transport it is made lightweight and has a carrying backpack and has eight height-adjustment attachments

This huddle set is chosen to be the number 5 pick because it is designed for huddles only which makes it to be uses for a specific type of agility routine as compared to the other dog agility training equipment mentioned.

PROS: The hurdles of Lord Anson Dog Hurdle training set comes with enough height variation options on them that make it possible to thoroughly train your. Since they are heavy duty too, they are able to tolerate long term hard training and usage.

CONS: For those that have bigger dog breeds, I found that the height which is just expands to a two foot length could have been made long to accommodate them. This is not considered a very top choice for dog owners just because it does not come with the many other options that would be needed for someone who wants to get a variety of agility equipment, but it would work for a very specific purpose.

6. dog Agility Training Equipment Set Complete Package

Better Sporting Dogs Complete Starter Agility Set for Dogs
dog Agility Training Equipment Set https://amzn.to/3C89sYg

My number 6 dog agility training equipment kit from the Dog Agility Shop is perfect for trainers and those who are very serious to get more training but are still holding back in terms of plunging into it on a full scale. This kit package is made up of a full dog agility training equipment starter kit for beginners and also intermediate dog agility sport trainers.

These includes high jump, weave poles, pause box and tunnels. It comes with an instruction manual that owners can use which provides enough mental and physical workout exorcises for your dog. It can b used by kids o have fun with your dog which would provide a lot if fun for the entire family.

I have put this dog agility starter kit to be number six on the list because it is durable although it was not actually constructed to be used by profeassionals This was not designed for those who are serious in this sport. This is just designed to be used in the backyard for fun.

PROS: This kit is ery easy to setup and it comes with its setup intructions that makes it very easy to use. It is designed for portability and easy to fold which makes it very easy to set up anywhere.

CONS: base on its design and function, this piece of dog agility jump set training equipment was not made for professional use. it was made for having fun and playing around with you kid and dog in the back yard. The durability level is not as compared to the other models which are sturdy.

7. CLIMB Blue-9 Pet Products – Dog Training Platform and Agility System

Blue-9 Klimb Training Kit- Professionally Designed Dog Platform
Klimb Dog Agility Training Platform https://amzn.to/3qCLtOK

Level: Beginner Kit

includes: One platform.

Beibg the number 7 choice, the Klimb Dog Agility Training Platform has something in the mix in terms of variety for your dog and yourself. This kit does contain a PawGrip and a soft-touch coating that is designed to allow your dog to have some s\firm grip on the equipment. It is durable and also weather resistant. This is designed for easy portability.

The equipment training platform is designed to make it very easy for you to train your dog and preventing problematic behavior by giving them a platform option to pause and calm down.

Although this Platform for dog agility training is an amazing piece of equipment, it only serves a small aspect of the agility training, which has only to do with climbing.

PROS: This platform is used for the dogs to climb and be controlled to remain in one position to obtain the price. Being our number seven agility equipment from our selection, and for what this kit is, it has some durability and the legs being adjustable means that there a a variety of height options that can be chosen for any particular dog and trainer to work with.

CONS: If your desire is to obtain and purchase a dog agility training kit that is all inclusive with all the needed equipment for the actual dog agility course, then this is not what you are looking for. Other disadvantages that this agility training equipment has are that they were not easy to adjust and they also, the legs got rusted.

8. Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set (4 Jumps and Carry Bag)

Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set
Aglility travel jump set https://amzn.to/3Fg18rc

From Affordable Agillity Store

My number 8 choice of the dog agility training equipment set is an affordable Agility option for dog owners who are on a budget. This is a travel Jump set that contains 4 adjustable portable jumps that carry a total weight of 14 pounds. These jumps are 3 feet wide with a height range of 4 inches to 2 feet. It has bases that can work indoors as well as outdoors and it has a carrying bag made with vinyl for the jumpers to make them easy to transport.

They are constructed with furniture grade PVC.

My number 8 position given to this courses set is because i is limited in its function when it comes to the entire agility course equipment requirement as it lends itself only to jumping Also I was disappointed with the ease at which the the jumps fell over when brushed by the dog. This can possibly cause an accident.

PROS: The Travel Jump Set setup was easy as given by the well written directions, this made it very easy to configure the setup. The designed height range had a very wide scope especially when you take into consideration their legs.

CONS: I was very unimpressed with the ease at which the jumps could be knocked over in case the dog missed the target and hit them. During training, this got very annoying after a while. If you are in search of a very good and reliable outdoors and backyard k9 agility equipment, this might be a good starter kit option for you but if you are someone who is lookinfg to get into serious training when it comes to dog agility, then this is not for you

9. Ft Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel

HDP 18 Ft Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel
HDP 18 Ft Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel https://amzn.to/3wLKoFb

from HDP

Level: Beginner

Here come a new introduction into the agility training equipment arena. This Open Tunnel agility trainer works very well when it comes to tunnel training. It is an 18ft tunnel with open ends. It has very durable material with an opening diameter of 24inches. The length of the tunnel is 18ft with the stakes that are 7inches long. The tunnel is very durable and is designed to help you dog get acquainted with tunnels abd to go through that stage of the maneuvering training.

This training equipment bottoms my list when it comes to agility equipment simply because it is a one off equipment as it is made up of one piece, a tunnel, Although this equipment is durable, the lack of variation disqualifies it from being at the top of the list.

PROS: This Dog agility Open Tunnel training kit is a good dog agility training equipment set and is designed to function the way it is supposed to in terms of the training required for the area this particular function plays in the entire dog agility training course. The construction of the tunnel is solid and durable and the the size is large enough to accommondate and dog breed and size.

CONS: Again, just as in most of the single equipment, it is not able to meet the requirement of a complete agility course setup as it is designed for just a single part of the dog agility course requirement. If you need something that would act as an add-on in your equipment setup in terms of trying to makeup a train kit, you should have this as a consideration.

10. Training Jump

PAWISE Dog Agility Exercise Training Equipment
PAWISE Dog Agility Exercise Training Equipment https://amzn.to/3qzzmC1

PAWISE Dog Agility Exercise Training Equipment

Pawise Training Jump

Level: Beginner

Kit includes: One-thirty two inch jump.

Among the best 10 selected dog agility training equipment set I have listed, this is the last ono from Pawise, compared to the ones previously listed above. The Pawise Training Jump is made up of thirty two inch jump perfect for smaller dogs. It meets the standards of the American Kennel Club (AKC) and is able to give adequate preparation to your dog on any kind of jump they would need to make. Depending on your need, adjustments can be made on the jumps ranging from 4 to 30 inches.

The kit assembly is made of PVC pipes which are very easy to assemble. Becuse the construction is molded, no sharp edges are present.

Again this Pawise Agility Gear Training is not ranked at the top because it also satisfies only one part of the training which means that you would need to buy more agility training gear if you want to have a full course. Also, we were not thrilled with the ease at which the jumps can be dismantled

PROS: Pawise Training Jump is precisely of regulation size and designed to make sure that your pet get the right training to get well prepared for any and all challenges that may arise prior to competition. With the designed adjustable size, you have a variety of wider range of options as you train your puppy to jump over varying heights.

CONS: We realized the ease at which this jump got knocked down very easily and created some problems in that area

In conclusion, during my selection process, i made sur that i take into consideration the several hours of research that I carried out on what each and every one of the listed dog agility training equipment set is good and used for. Their advantages and disadvantages in terms of their durability ( quality of the product),and usage like skill levels, whether it is a complete set or a one off piece of the entire training course, and past company reputation Whether you are looking for a complete dog agility train set for starters ( started kit} or for advanced use for more serous dog owner or trainers, I hope you can identify something you like in all that I have provided above.


At what age should dogs start agility training?

The minimuum recommkended age for a dog to start agility training is 18 months For dogs that are less than a year old, you can start with pre-agility training. These are training that include some repetitive actions like jumping at low heights, and make them to obey basic commands and start introducing them to the agility equipment in a playful manner.

If you start getting serious with your dog when they are still very young, less than a year old, this can lead to permanent joint damage because puppies do have very soft bones and unclosed growth plates and exercise like agility training can lend themselves to either permanent or substantial injury. Make everything fun. Bothe the dogs and their owners need to have fun doing it.

How do I train my dog agility at home?

Obviously, agility courses are a terrific place to begin in the sport. But possibly your canine is still a puppy, you’re still educating it about fundamental obedience, or you wish to get a feel for things before buying lessons. In that instance, there are lots of things you can attempt at home to prepare your pet for agilty barriers and obstacles as well as assess your passion and his excitement for the task.

And also as an added benefit also, these fundamental skills can aid develop your pet dog’s self-confidence, decrease his anxiety, boost his trust on you, and introduce him to brand-new experiences. There’s no requirement to stress over how rapidly your pet dog learns these brand-new abilities. Set your pet up for success by starting tiny and increasing your expectations gradually.

Some dogs might be all set to move past the fundamentals in a couple of weeks, yet other canines require a much more patient technique. Prior to you getting started, see to it that your pet has the ability to comply with basic commands such as sit, rest, come, and also stay. Next off, begin to aid your pet via the course. Show him to crawl via tunnels, jump over obstacles as well as via tires. Help him weave through poles

How much does dog agility training cost?

The cost of agility courses can differ. Both things that play the largest role in expenses are the organization funding the courses and also the geographic place. Small communities typically bill less for training courses. Many pets first go through standard obedience classes. No matter how much the pet understands about agility or just how much the canine enjoys getting involved, the canine needs to be loyal and also react to its owner or handler.

Fundamental obedience classes are usually 6 week group classes with one sixty to ninety minute course each week. The price can range from $125 to $200. Many expert trainers don’t run team sessions but deal with a per hour basis and also might bill a price of $30 to $100 per hour. The owner picks how many sessions she or he desires the pet to take part in.

Does Agility provides good exercise?

The athletic challenge keeps a pet dog fit, assists stop weight problems, boosts endurance, and enhances bones as well as joints. And also, an agility program exercises a canine’s mind, giving her possibilities to learn and also resolve problems. Dexterity training will certainly additionally aid you keep in form!

The majority of main courses are set up in an area that measures just about 10,000 square feet.That seems big, however it’s actually not– that is a square location with 100-foot-long sides. You’ll actually require a huge yard to set up a main and official course, yet you will not require acres and acres of land.

Courses for this dog agility training typically have in between fourteen to twenty obstacles, which can include weave poles, pause tables, seesaws, tunnels, and tire leaps where the pet must stop for a required amount of time.

If you are just establishing an agility training course to have a little bit of fun with your canine as well as do not plan on training your dog for competition, you do not actually need this amount of space. You can just change the obstacles that you develop and also their design to fit the amount of space you have available.

What activities improve agility training?

players run, jump, backpedal, as well as shuffle their way through a series of obstacles so as to improve their body control and also agility.

Lateral plyometric jumps assist build explosive power, equilibrium, and also sychronisation by utilizing our all-natural body weight.

Improves players’ capacity to move quickly and also efficiently. players improve their balance, movemnent, and body control in this agility course. Agility training Can be used as a prolonged warmup after players have actually appropriately prepared their bodies. Vital for players of all degrees to spend their time on this.

Agility training exercises do help to improve speed, explosive power, sychronisation, and some specific sport skills . From senior high school to expert sporting activities and teams, anyone doing sports activities can benefit from agility training workouts. Integrate these drills a couple of times a week into your training routine to perfect your foot speed as well as improve your sport techniques.

Other types of Agility training exercises.

Lateral plyometric jumps
Aid in building very explosive power, balance, as well as coordination by utilizing our natural own body weight. This sophisticated agility training exercise is necessary for any sports placement that calls for lateral synchronization as well as power. For best outcomes, be sure to perform this drill after an extensive warm up.

Lateral running drills
significantly enhance both knee and also ankle joint stability, making them perfect for court-sports. For correct form, maintain a very low center of gravity and also quickly step side-by-side with the ladder. Make sure that you put both of your feet, one by one, inside each space of the ladder. While you are driving your arms forward, always objective to make sure you land on the ball off your feet.

7 Best Agility Training Exercises

  1. Forward Running, High-Knee Drills.
  2. Lateral Running, Side-to-Side Drills.
  3. Dot Drills.
  4. Jump Box Drills.
  5. L Drills. …
  6. Plyometric Agility Drill. Shuttle Runs
  7. Shuttle Runs.

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