How do I get my dog to have a sound sleep at night?

If this is one of your major concerns about your dog that is driving you nots and you have not been able to find a solution, then I advice you to read through his article as it provides some very useful tips on how to get your best companion, your dog, to obtain sound sleep during the night

Have you had time to watch the classic animation movie titled _ The lady and the tramp? Can you remember that scene in which when they got the puppy in their house for the very first time and was kept in her own designated room? Remember how she kept barking the entire night just because she detested sleeping alone in her own room? And how at the end she was able to get herself into their room instead?

This is a concern but it is just an experience you get by watching an animation movie, but what about something like that happening to you in real life? Then this does actually becomes a problem as time goes on. Just imagine a dog that would not want to sleep through at night and at the same time would not allow you to sleep either. And even if the dog allows you to sleep but cannot sleep, the lingering effects caused by sleep deprivation on your dog can end up having a long lasting effect

Because of that, it is very vital that you try to find a way for your dog to be able to sleep through the night for you peace and for his health. This article focuses on the many steps to take to make this to happen.

How to Get Your Dog to Sleep at Night – Tips and Tricks

It can be a very frustrating experience for you to experience your dog being deprived of sleep night after night by having several sleepless nights. What is this happening regularly and what is keeping the dog wake, you might ask your self? The answer to this question might be something very minor that never came to your mind. For that reason, you are encourage to continue reading below so as to know the exact steps to follow to get the solution to this problem.

# 1 – Check for Changes

You know how you sleep comfortably and routinely night after night in a particular order which your body must have gotten used to which help to make you sleep like a baby. The same thing applies to dogs. They also love to have routines by having things done in a similar or particular order night after night. Your first task is to see if your dog has had any disruption or change in their sleeping routine.

This could be caused by something as minute as altering the bedding position or making a shift in the sleeping crate. Try to think of changes that might have disrupted the dogs sleeping routine, causing sleepless nights. Then find a way to return and restore the changes that you find to return them back to how they used to be.

# 2 – bed Preparation.

When you want to put you dog to sleep, you should make sure that you have made the sleeping area very comfortable to the dog. Use soft bedding that the dog loves and finds comforting. if it is a puppy, it has been known that if a small clock that has a rhythmic beat to it, is placed under a blanket, it helps the puppy to sleep faster and better.

You have to make sure not to change anything off their place like bedding, where they sleep. this is because a disruption in the pattern of things might also cause a disruption in their sleep pattern.

#3 – It all boils down to training.

You might have the idea of getting your dog to sleep on a different room in a crate but the dog might be having a different idea or expectation. So you have to understand your dog and be on the same page of expectation. The dog has to be trained with that understanding. You should train your dog using simple commands like, “stay”, “sit”. in order for the dog to understand that it is time to go to bed.

also you should not allow him to get into developing a habit of yelling or barking to make you open the door. If you do so, he will be in control of determining those actions whenever he/she wants. That is the reason a proper schedule has to to be put in place. This should include above everything else the right putty training. Whe will be providing more details in the points specified below.

# 4 – Exercising is very Important.

If you dog gets very tired before bedtime, it will sleep a lot better and faster. If the dog has the opportunity to sleep in the evening, then it will obviously be difficult for it so sleep at night. So try to avoid this from happening. To add to the routine, providing a lot of exercise will get the dog very tired which will cause the dog to go into deep sleep for a long time.

# 5 – Feeding Hours

It is very essential that your dog’s feeding schedule is well planned. When a dog eats, it develops a sudden bounce in its energy level which can easily cause hyperactivity. When this energy is active in the dogs body after meals, there is a tendency for sleep to be driven a way. So you have to make sure that your dog gets its last meal at least three hours to bed time so that he can get digested and calm ready for bed.

Another good reason for you to feed it three hours before bed time is to prevent it from doing business at odd hours of the night. This is considered to be one of the most if not the most very important factor that is usually being ignored and you should not ignore it.

# 6 – Dog Potty Training

It is crucial for your dog to have sound potty training. You have to know that dogs dog sometimes do a lot of business at night and it is even more frequent for puppies. The best option around this is to make a schedule for yourself Set an alarm to go off every two to three hours each might so as to take him out to do its thing.

Dont wait for a backing or yelling signal from the dog to take him/her out. This will aid in strengthening the association between backing and you coming to help. This is not a good idea and can latter on become a problem. As the dog get older, you have to develop a habit of taking it out before bed so that it can feel comfortable as it goes to sleep.

Now that you have a been provided with some tips on how to get your dog to sleep comfortably for the entire night,

Below you can find some additional bed time routines to implement to help your dog have a regular sound sleeping routine

Calming Bedtime Routines for Dogs

1. A Tasty Treat

If you provide to your dog something special at bedtime, it will look forward to it every night. Associating your dog’s bedtime with a yummy snack, may help you to train your dog to settle down at bed time. Just as may dogs have know when it is dinner time and also have the ability to know when its time for you to get home, this memory may also help the dog in associating treat rewards to bedtime.

2. A Favorite Cuddle Toy

Can you remember as a child how secure and safe you felt when you went to bed with your favoriteteddy bear or toy. Well, the same sense of security and warmth is also felt by dogs

But do not think that you can just give them any king of toy for them to have that feeling. Try to prevent giving them toys that are squeaky as it will just end up harousing a curiosity to play. Also any toy that the dog usually is used to playing with, tug, or fetch during their playtime is not encouraged. Ideally you want to have a toy that you can associate with bedtime or downtimes.

Look for a very cuddly toy that you do not usually give him/her during playtime which will signal to the pet that it is bedtime.

3. A Bedtime Scent

Scent has been known to have a calming effect on humans and the same principle can be applied to our best friend. If you have a spray that has a calming blend of essential oils can have a way of alleviating anxiety that has been lingering through the day and can put your dog in a mode to sleep at night.

4. Special Bonding Time

As soon as your dog gets calm then comes a period for what you can create as a part of a special bed time routine between you and your dog. You can look for some special and quiet activity that you and your dog can both bond together like gentle rubbing on the head or ear and thanking him/her for being a very good boy/girl.