Why do Dogs Pant?

What do human beings do when they are hot? They probably drink lots of water or take off their clothes. When you feel hot, you will definitely do everything you can to beat the heat. One of the natural ability that can help you take out this heat conveniently is through sweating.

The primary role of sweating is simply to provide enough moisture on the skin’s surface, thereby cooling the skin as the moisture evaporates. This is one of the mechanisms that assist humans to lose excess heat. However, such mechanism is not found in dogs. With dogs, panting is their normal technique to beat the excess heat.

Sweating in Dogs

Dogs, unlike humans, do not sweat. The sweat glands of dogs are very few, and most of these sweat glands are found on the feet. With this few glands, just imagine the amount of sweat that can be released. Thus, it is almost impossible to see a dog sweat through the coat.

This little amount of sweat released simply adds to the dog’s body heat. These can possibly the reason behind the death of most dogs in hot cars. Most animals released their body heat, which gradually heats up the surrounding, eventually leading to death.

Such situations ought to be avoided by all pet owners, which can cause the death of their pet. Dogs do not have very effective mechanism to combat the heat. So they lose their body heat via panting, and dogs are among those animals that do not tolerate high temperature.

Panting in Dogs

It is impossible for you to come across any heavily sweating dog, even once in your lifetime. This is for the simple reason that these animals do not sweat like us humans. But panting is a very visible sign of sweating in dogs.

Their main technique for beating heat from their body is simply through panting. Panting is a dog’s thing which usually requires very little energy and do not make the animal feel hot. This is as a result of air passage and lungs elasticity. Thus, panting dogs in the regularization of the body temperature. Normally, the ideal temperature ranges between 100 to 105°F. Any slight increase can eventually lead to heat stroke.

Dog always pant with their dog hanging out of their mouth, and this helps them lose excess body heat. Despite, helping the dog to lose heat, the posture further helps cool the vessels of the blood in the head, thereby protecting the brain from overheating.

Here the tongue plays a pivotal role, as the surface area of the tongue helps in the evaporation process, which cools the dog off. It is for this same reason that dog pants with their tongues placed lolling.

Panting is a normal phenomenon in dogs especially during hot climates, or after intensive exercise. But panting without any just reason can be seen as a symptom of heatstroke, which might eventually lead to dry nose, abnormal breathing, pale or dark gums.

Here serious medical attention is highly needed, or you can simply provide the dog with water to drink or by placing ice behind the legs. All in all, panting in dogs is very normal, but any abnormal symptom should be monitored as heavy panting can be seen as an indication of dangerous health problems.

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