Why do Dogs Eat Poop?

It is a very nasty and awful feeling to see your dog consuming poop. There are many amazing reasons behind this very strange behavior but are however not specific. These are certainly based on assumptions.

It should be recalled here that dogs don’t just feed on feces, but on other animal’s feces such as horses and cats. Worth noting is the fact dogs cannot fully differentiate between their food and feces. They consider feces as another form of food. Even though it may not be an uncivilized behavior for the dog, it can, however, be awful for the owner to see the dog behaving like this.

Probable Reasons behind Poop Eating Habit of Dogs

Usually, your dog’s diets consist of meat-based food. Thus, their feces will bear both the scent and features of meat. This can definitely be one of the reasons why they love poop. Furthermore, this too can be as a result of inadequate nutritional status or deficiency in some enzymes that can lead to some imbalances, which can only be treated directly by eating poop.

It should be noted here that almost all dogs consume feces of their pup until they are about 5 weeks old. This is a very common phenomenon in all animals, especially those that are in the wild, where the mother often eat the feces of its puppies so that it can scare off predators.

These feces have very different scent due to the content level of milk that can attract predators towards their position. So they eat the feces of their young just so that their babies can be safe. This theory can in a way linked to domesticated dogs too.

There is always a logical explanation of every dog that eats the feces of other animals or its own. This can result from the word stray which definitely means that the dog does not get enough food. So they tend to recycle their feces or probably consume those of cats or other pets.

Idleness or sometimes boredom can cause a dog to behave poorly such as eating feces. Staying alone without having to play around to kill time, might make the dog resort to other forms of entertainment such as eating poop. With this strange behavior, most people often banish their dogs or even punish them severely for such acts, which is not a very good approach. But this might worsen things.

Allelomimetic behavior is another cause for this behavior. This is when social animals try to mimic other animals even you. In this light, they can carry same in their mouth with the primary motive to aid you.


This behavioral problem can be addressed by a highly qualified veterinary doctor through drug therapy or some modification. Also, you can add an extract of papaya to your dog’s food. This is going to help in the digestion and poop concerns. Fruits like pineapples make feces repulsive. Feeding your dog with pineapples can help curb this behavior a little.

Also, you can train your dog to excrete on demand, so that you can conveniently get rid of these feces right away. You can take your dog for a walk every morning and evening so that they can poop outside.

For those that have pets such as cats, try to hide it poops in a small box so that your dog cannot come in contact with it.

Always endeavor to keep an eye on your dog especially when they are outside. Place the dog on a leash and always reward the dog with a treat for every good behavior. If this behavioral training can actually be instilled in your dog, then your dog will stay away from poop.

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