Why do Dogs Eat Grass

From time to time, you might be surprised to see a dog eating grass. This might seem strange. The fact that a dog is eating grass is but a normal phenomenon. Below are some reasons behind dog eating grass?

Dogs are among one of the omnivorous animals right as far back as I can remember. In fact, dogs are known to consume almost everything in the form of food ranging marrow, bone, eggs, meat, plants, vegetables, and of course grass. Thus, it is not strange to find dogs eating grass, and there are many important reasons behind this behavior.

Dogs consume virtually all kinds of flora ranging from leafy vegetables, herbs, blades of grass, cooked vegetables to raw vegetables. One of the most widely asked questions is “Why do dogs eat grass?” or is it ok for a dog to eat grass?”

The truth of the matter is that it is normal for dogs to eat grass sometimes. To fully understand the reason behind this, the paragraphs below are a vivid explanation on why dogs eat grass once in a while.

Proper Digestion

The primary reason why dogs eat grass is solely to ease their digestion. Scientifically, most omnivorous animals eat grass just benefit from the medicinal properties of these herbs and grass. These herbs are known to release certain stomach enzymes which help them to fully digest food. It is for this same reason that lions and tigers in the zoos or parks are offered vegetable diets weekly.

Nutritional Value

If the dog does not get most of the essential nutrients from their basic home-made dog food, it is but natural for the dog to search for other sources of getting their nutritional requirements. In this light, dogs are attracted to these herbs and grass because of the number of nutrients and minerals that are found. But one thing to note here is that before changing the dog’s diet, you definitely need to consult the vet. In most instances, it is just the fiber that is often lacking.

Overcoming Sickness

If your dog is sick or probably suffering from stomach disorders, you are going to find the dog eating a lot of grass, just so that it can heave. The reason for doing this is quite simple; it is just to get the germs off its system. It should be noted here that as the dog eats the grass, it tickles the stomach and the throat, thereby forcing the dog to vomit.

Even when dogs are quite healthy and well, they often eat lemon grass to effectively cleanse their system from toxic waste and other undigested solid food. To actually know if a dog is healthy or not, can reflect in the speed at which the dog eats grass. Dogs that eat grass at a slower pace are just fine, while those that eat and swallow it down in a hurry, are very sick and feels that throwing up is going to get the germs off their system.


There are some dogs who are attracted to eating grass either because of the taste or smell. Some dogs even have preferences between consuming fresh leaves to dry ones. The only thing you need to ensure is to prevent your dog from eating grass that has been treated with pesticides or insecticides. Eating these grasses can be very harmful to your dog’s health.

Behavioral Issues

Some dogs usually develop very obsessive disorder caused by the consumption of grass. If the situation is very bad, then you can allow your dog to graze. But if the situation is above your control, visit a vet as quickly as possible.

For those dog owners that provide the best training, food, and care for their dogs, you will certainly see your dog eating grass around your surroundings. Don’t be all worked up, it is simply for the aforementioned reasons.




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