Why do Dogs Eat Dirt?

Reason why dogs eat dirt

Most often dogs do the most funniest and awkward things that you can even imagine. While some are actually funny to watch, others might arouse serious suspicion. One of such discomfited behavior is when your dog eats dirt. If you find your dog eating dirt, and you are probably wondering why this is happening, here are some remarkable reasons that are listed below:

Treat the Behavior

The first thing that you need to do immediately you find your dog eating dirt in your garden or surrounding environments is to try and spray the surrounding soil with red pepper sauce or any bitter tasting liquid. Most dog owners often frown when they find their dog eating on the soil, dirt or sand.

However, they fail to realize that this is very common among dogs. Not every pet is liable to eat dirt, but given the present predicaments most of them might. There are so many reasons why dogs do eat dirt, but a keen observation can actually give you a clue. For instance, if you wake up one day and find your dog digging a hole, most people often gets the impression that he is eating dirt.

But the dog might probably be eating some grass roots or might want to recover some the food that he hid last night. I know this might sound strange, but every dog however engage in this strange dining treat. Even though this might not be a very bad behavior, but it can gradually turn into something really addictive.

If the above reason is the reason behind your dog’s strange habit, then you obviously need to keep an eye on your dog so that you can probably discover other useful signs, such as a dog eating grass or roots because of some medical conditions. There are some vets who do not actually understand the reason why dog eats dirt.

Dog Eating Dirt: What it Mean?

Mineral Deficiency

One of the primary reasons why dog eat dirt is because their diet lacks certain minerals. It is for this same reason that this dog will try to get these essential minerals in order to stay healthy. Normally, soil and dirt is known to contain many useful minerals, which are not found in their daily food diet.

Thus, if you find your dog constantly eating dirt, then it is very obvious that their food is void of basic minerals and vitamins. To solve this problem, try to read some of the label and look for essential minerals that can be consume by all dogs. All these problems can simply be avoided by feeding the dog with some high-quality canine food.

Upset Stomach

The primary reason why dog eat dirt is when they are sick because they ate something that made their stomach to upset. Eating soil or dirt is simply to remove any stomach cramps or harmful food particles which might have caused the problem in the first place.

Also, it can be caused either by a dangerous plant or any other human food. Normally, dog eat grass to throw up and relieve them from stomach upset. Eating too much dirt only implies that your dog’s stomach is seriously dirty.


When most dogs are probably bored or idle, they tend to develop any funny habits in order to pass time. Usually, you are going to find your dog licking its nose, chewing furniture or probably eat the soil just to keep their self busy.

Thus, eating dirt can be another form of pastime for dogs. Furthermore, it can simply be to attract the owner’s attention. It should be noted here that most dogs are very sensitive and so crave for human companionship, especially when there are no other pet to play with.

Tasty Delights

Most dogs are attracted to eating dirt because they prefer the taste of the dirt, or they gradually develop the taste for dirt in their garden. Most dirt has small insects such as snails that most dog love to it. Also, fish or composed fertilizers that are mixed in the soil are also another very important stuff that can attract a dog to eat dirt. Most dogs are omnivores, so they too prefer plants as food. A mere smell often attracts dogs to dirt.


Most dogs normally have the habit of chewing soft toys, socks, shoes or mats. This is a very normal behavior in dogs. But too much eating of these toys can be considered as pica. Even though this often happens when a dog’s food lack basic minerals, but it however happens to puppies when they are bored.

Furthermore, you are going to find your dog eating rock, this is certainly another sign of pica. But most form of pica disorders are due to endocrine problems, iron deficiency or even other mal absorption disorder.

To Relieve Hunger

Dog owners provide just a single meal to their dog. Normally, after the intensive walking and playing, it is but normal for your dog to feel hungry. To relieve themselves from this hunger, they resort to eating grass or dirt.

Allowing your dog to stray is a very normal behavior, but when they dine on dirt for quite an extended period can cause serious health hazards. Try as much as possible to visit any local vet for more advice. But one thing you need to know is that soil or dirt normally contains very harmful chemicals or insects which can be very detrimental to their life.

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