Why Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolate

Most dog owners often feed their dogs with their fingers. This can be either any solid food or even chocolate. Chocolate is one of those foods that are always giving to dogs to lick. Even though sharing food with your dog help to build the bond between you and the dog, chocolate is capable of causing very serious health hazards to dog.

It extreme situations, it can possibly lead to death. However, most dog owners are actually not aware of this. Since it is a very serious problem and can eventually lead to the death of your pet, every dog owner needs to have basic knowledge about this.

Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs: Myth or Reality?

There are actually a handful of persons who are unaware of the fact that chocolate toxicity really exists in dogs, while on the other hand, there are a group of people who consider it to be a myth.

Whatever the case, one need to fully comprehend that chocolate toxicity is not a mythical something, the problem here is that chocolate is always in abundance in most houses, especially during festive periods. The worse thing about this scenario is that dogs actually love the smell of chocolate, and if a dog is allowed to eat chocolate, it can possibly begin to have cravings for this food.

Why is Chocolate Poisonous?

The reason is quite simple chocolate contains a stimulant called theobromine that is very harmful to dogs. It should be noted here that this stimulant is actually found in Theobroma cacao. This is a cocoa bean plant that is often used in making chocolate.

It should be noted here that this stimulant mostly attacks the dog’s central nervous system and the heart too, which can eventually lead to epileptic seizures and if not treated can cause death.

Most people always want to know what actually caused this particular condition to be very severe. The answer is very simple, even though it depends on the percentage of theobromine present in most chocolate and of course the weight of the dog.

Worth mentioning is the type of chocolate consumed by the dog. For the white chocolate, the toxicity is actually 200 ounces for every one pound of body mass, while the sweet cocoa and baking chocolate have about 0.1 ounce per pound of body mass. It should be noted here that if either of these is consumed, there will be obvious moderation in the toxicity.

Toxicity Symptoms

In situations whereby the dog is accidentally fed with some chocolate, the dog actually consumes it without the knowledge of the owner; here are some very visible signs that are going to show up. These include;



Frequent urination




Increase heart rate

Muscle tremors and

Unwanted barking

This is a very grave problem, but knowing what to do when this happens is very important. Also having things that can help relieve the symptoms is very crucial here. Very important to have in the house is hydrogen peroxide to treat chocolate toxicity. Apply a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide per every 10 pounds of the dog’s mass and combine with water and try to feed the dog after every ten minutes interval until the dog throw out the chocolate. Furthermore, administer charcoal to your dog to detoxify the body completely, and immediately rush your dog to the closest vet.

However, the best thing to do is simply to prevent your dog from coming any close to chocolate and avoid sharing foods with your dog. Also, the shelves and cans where chocolates are often preserved should be kept as far as possible from the dog. These simple but precautionary measures should be taken very seriously to ensure that your dog stays safe.

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