Weaning Puppies

The period whereby a puppy graduates from nursing to eating on their own is often marked by weaning, which is always considered as the beginning of a healthy future. While most dog breeders are in favor of weaning at just 4 weeks, there are a handful of others that feel that it should start at 6 weeks. However, if these puppies are weaned at a very real stage, it might pose a health issue on their digestive system that is not well developed to actually manage solid food. One thing you have to note is the fact that if these puppies do not get the required nutrients from their mother’s milk, it might make them very exposed to infections such as canine parvovirus infection.

How t wean Puppies?

Just at the right age, try t keep them away from their mother for about one hour, before their started feeding time. These are going to make them very hungry, and so are liable for eating anything that they can find at that moment. Firstly, try using semi-solid food, since it is easy for them to swallow and digest. Place some food in very reachable and shallow dish in front of them. To your greatest surprise, you are going to find them wolf down the food.

If some of the puppies are feeling reluctant to eat, try as much as possible to get them eat. Place some food beside their noses or in their mouth. Just soon, they are going to catch up with the others. The moment they are done eating, kindly take them to meet their mother. This process is going to go on for some time since the puppies are in the transitional phase. Thus, patience and dedication is highly needed.

As time goes on, gradually begin to reduce the amount of water in the food. By the end of 6 weeks, your puppies will be conveniently eating solid food. Don’t try to rush, it is certainly a gradual process or else you will be left with upset tummies that can cost you lots of dollars to treat in a vet. The best method of weaning the puppies is simply by reducing the quantity of food given to the mother while increasing that of the puppies. This is going to make the mother to produce less milk for the puppies. Thus, they are going to eat more of solid food.

One thing that is certain is that the puppies are going to make a mess with their food. This is because they are too little to actually comprehend the concept of eating. To help them, try placing old newspapers or journals on the ground. For sure, this is going to save you the trouble of taking care of their mess.

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