Understanding Strange Dog Behavior

There is some period where your dog’s behavior might keep you perplex and confused. There are many reasons which obviously accounts for these strange behaviors in dogs. You can find actually find some of them in this article.

Most of the time, a very obedient and friendly dog can abruptly reveal weird behavior for apparently no reason. This is as result of certain psychological disorders which make them behave in this weird manner.

However, this behavior can be corrected with the help of either medications or intensive training. One thing to note here is that this treatment can be effective only if the cause of this strange behavior is known. Below you are going to find possible causes that are responsible for this awkward behavior in dogs.

Genetic predilection

There are particular dog breeds that are prone to behave in a discomfited manner. Such breeds are known to be very aggressive or dominant for no just reasons. Thus, when purchasing puppies of such breed, you should gradually accustom yourself with the traits of this particular breed. But if a nice and quiet pet suddenly becomes violent and aggressive, then there is definitely another reason for this strange behavior.


Just like human beings, dogs too suffer from anxieties, with the most common one being separation anxiety. This often forces the dog to be quite nervous, thereby resorting to self-marring. An anxious dog is prone to attack other pets or even harm himself in the process.

Neurological Disorder

Behavior in dogs is controlled by neurotransmitters called dopamine, serotonin and of course norepinephrine. Dogs obviously require very high levels of serotonin for it to be stable, any imbalance in these chemicals might lead to very strange behavior. However, there are medications which can restore this balance.


Hard working breeds often feel bored to lie around doing absolutely nothing. Thus, you do not exhaust them; they are probably going to spend the energy on something else. Snapping in mid-air, barking unnecessarily or even attacking other dogs are among some of the strange acts that your dog can exhibit just to get away from boredom. This problem can be contained by indulging your dog into intensive regular exercise.

Treating Strange Behavior

Just like humans, strange behaviors can be treated with the help of counseling. But this can be an exasperating or long process. Since for humans, it can take up to 6-8 months to experience positive results, thus you will obviously expect much time with dogs.

But before the vet can go for any form of treatment, your dog needs to undergo many blood and urine tests, to check their physical condition that is causing them to behave poorly. If physically, everything appears normal, then the next possible option is the hormone levels and finally the neurotransmitters. With this, medication can then be prescribed consequently.

The training process for correcting strange dog behavior often requires both time and patience, since you need to repeat the training techniques to get better results. Here a professional trainer can be of great importance since they are best with dealing with a dog’s mind. In this situation, most people resort to corporal punishment but this is completely out of the question.

Furthermore, do not forget to reward the dog for good behavior. This is going to help the dog to fully understand what kind of behavior is expected of him/her. Also, try as much as possible to understand your dog’s psychology and note that there is no way a dog can be taken for a human. Dogs do not understand things based on human perspective. Just allow your dog to follow its natural abilities; all you need to do is to make sure that this dog does not pose any threat either to humans or fellow pets around.

In most instances, these weird behaviors quickly disappear as fast as you can remember. But do not be baffled by this quick turnaround, instead be patient and visit a vet if these behaviors persist.

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