Training Dogs Not to Bark

Before embarking on any form of training, it is always very essential for you to fully the cause or causes of this inappropriate or reckless barking habit in your dog. Continuous change in the manner in which you often take care of your dog can help prevent unnecessary barking. Excessive barking is considered by many dog owners as one of the worst behavioral problems.

Even though barking is seen as a normal behavior with dogs, it becomes quite annoying if the dog barks exceptionally. With most dogs, continuous barking can gradually become a habit over time, especially at the sight of either a human being or any other living things. However, there certain techniques which can be used to stop your dog from barking excessively.

Why do Dogs Barks?

Dogs barks because of lack of physical activities like regular exercise sessions that often makes the dog very frustrated, thereby leading to unnecessary barking. This often happens with dogs that are confined to a particular room for a very long time. This causes the dog to become bored in the process and is prone to bark.

This barking is probably to get the owner’s attention. Furthermore, dogs that are in pain or are probably sick are more likely to bark. In this light, once the primary reason for unwanted barking is actually figured out, it is obviously the first step in resolving this issue.

Strategies for Dog Behavior Training

To correct any behavioral problems in dogs is much easy in puppies than with adult dogs.  In this light, early behavioral training in a dog is very pivotal here if you want the dog to act right. Unwanted dog barking is not something that can be stopped in a week or two.

It, however, takes months of continuous struggle without relenting on your efforts. To avoid this from happening, ensure that the dog gets it a regular dose of training a day. Most people feel that taking your dog out is going to make the dog feel fit and fine, this only improves the dog’s overall health. This walk only allows the dog t be familiar with the surrounding environment and be able to fully socialize with other dogs as well. Regular exercise of your dog will make the dog to get tired and so ensure sound sleep, thus limiting the dogs barking habits. If you are away at your job site, provide enough playing toys for the dog to play with until you are back. Also, it is very necessary for you to actually spend enough quality time with your dog; this is going to make the dog realize that there is absolutely no reason for the dog to bark in order to call for your attention.

Obedience Training for Dogs

Every dog owner’s dream is to have a well-trained and obedient dog. Basic dog training is very essential in actually stopping unwanted barking, bites, and growls. Obedience training here involves making the dog to fully obey commands like ‘sit’, ‘stand’, ‘stay’ and ‘jump’. This too can help reduce the rate of barking to an extent. Whenever the dog obeys your command try to reward the dog with some treats.

There are many dog owners who find it a daunting task to train particular breed of dog from barking unnecessarily. These methods for training dogs not to bark works perfectly well for all dogs, especially when it comes to rewarding positive behavior and discouraging unwanted barking.

For chronic barking, you can use a bark control aid. This is training equipment that is specifically designed to solve this issue. There are many types of bark control aids; these include spray collar and electronic bark control collars that are readily available in the market today.

Dog collars are not harmful to the dog but are capable of correcting certain behaviors in dogs. But these control aid should be used alongside the training program. However, the owner should not rely entirely on these tools, instead ensure that the dog gets adequate exercise, good foods and above all socialize with the others is key in putting an end to unwanted barking.

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