Training An Aggressive Puppy

They are very charming and delightful, and in most instances can be a magnificent family companion. However, once in a while they can be aggressive to the point that you are so disappointed having them around.

The most natural behavior of every dog is the biting aspect. A dog sees biting as a method for demonstrating their predominance and power. Puppies to do not part route with this natural instincts, even after leaving their family and join our own; this quality accompanies them all the way!

In the beginning, most of the bites are just not that painful, which is actually why most owners turn to overlook such acts. Gradually, as they develop, they turn out to be very aggressive, and these nice playful bites are no longer funny.

It is critical for a dog owner to put an end to such an attribute before it gets worse and irreversible. Below are some basic guidelines to help you while you are considering adjusting aggressive behavior in your dog.

How to train an Aggressive Puppy

The initial step is to actually know when to put an end to bad behavior and stay firm and strong to it. At whatever point you feel that the puppy is attempting to bite you, grasp his hush and say ‘No’ in a loud manner. This particular act should be repeated whenever the dog acts in that manner.

Whenever your puppy bites you, you may require more than just saying ‘No’. When you sense that your puppy is not listening to your adage ‘No’, at that point you have to confine him unattended. This will enable the puppy to comprehend that what he is doing is undesired and unsuitable.

This is likewise the same with aggressive puppies. Choose to play games which don’t expect them to fully use their strength. For instance, holding a toy beyond his reach will make him try to reach it at all cost. This will just uplift his aggressive behavior and dissatisfaction. Conversely, playing something light will enable you to control their aggressive conduct.

Another great strategy to manage the circumstance is to rub bitter apple to your hands so that when your puppy tries to put his mouth onto your hand, the flavor will make him regret this act. In course of preparing, cover your hands with severe apple and let it dry for at some point.

This bitter apple flavor should always be used whenever you are training the dog, simply go for an easygoing play with your puppy and let his natural instincts quickly drive him to put his teeth on you. The repulsive flavor would give him an ‘upsetting’ experience and ideally, he will begin run away from behaving in such manner.

It is not advisable to follow what most pet owners do while managing their pet’s aggressive behavior. This can be misleading after all like most dog owners will quickly smack their dog the moment that they bite them.

This is definitely some of the things that you have to forgo. Since your hostility would just emanate to the puppy’s aggressive conduct. In this light, all you need to do is simply to be quiet and calm. If you allow your temper to take control of you and let it out on your puppy, he will be very defensive, which will make him fierce.

One thing you need to bear in mind is the fact that your puppy’s aggressive behavior probably originates from his natural instincts as a dog, or can be due to a bad experience from the past.

However, you need to do your bit to enable your puppy to be as friendly and sociable as they can be. Thus, the aforementioned tips are going to guide you in dealing with aggressive dog behavior, but what you need is to show the dog much love and affection and in turn, he will surely reciprocate it.

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