The Sussex Spaniel, A Gentleman’s Dog

The Sussex Spaniel- a Gentleman’s Dog

This particular breed of dog originated from England. Intelligent, playful and nice-looking dog makes it to be considered as the best companion for everyone. Below you are definitely going to get very useful information about this very unique breed:


The Sussex spaniel actually derives its name from Sussex, England. This dog was among the first ten dogs to be registered with the AKC in 1980’s, when the AKC was started. The Sussex spaniel is always preferred to the other breed due to the simple fact that it is capable of sorting or flushing out any game off the thick forest. The reason for this is quite simple; this dog is very low to the ground, with much stronger duty bones to work effectively.

This breed can be easily traced right back to the 1860’s where a gentleman from England called Mr. Fuller, who owned a kennel, bred the golden-liver color that is popularly accepted today as the Sussex spaniel. Usually, the dog might not have any white color except on the chest, and even that is seen as a defect, even though widely accepted. It should be recalled here that during the Second World War, this particular dog breed almost gone extinct, if not of the sole effort of Joy Freer, who actually saved eight of these dogs. Almost every Sussex spaniels that exist today in the world are however descendants from these dogs that were saved.


As far as physical outlook is concern, this breed is compact and short. It however ranges between 14 to 16 inches in height, while and average Sussex spaniel weighs between 18 to 25 kg. There are also the sandy and the black colored dogs that are available as the Sussex spaniels. Normally, the fur consists of a silky-like outer fur, the under fur is weather resistant, and on the chest, legs and ears a silky feathering. The eyes are hazel in color.

The fur is either flat or a little bid wavy: Sussex spaniels with curled fur is not acceptable. To trim the fur is however not acceptable too, unless the sole reason is to provide the right shape to those feathering that are found on the legs, and also to remove some of the coats that are in between the paw’s pads. If not, it is just ok to allow the dog as it is.


Normally, this dog is not capable of retrieving like the other Golden Retriever. Thus, if you need the dog to retrieve things, you obviously need to train the dog. The Sussex spaniel is very unique for its ability to retrieve from the water, swimming at an average pace, but actually retrieving what it is supposed to retrieve. This is the case too with hunting, it does not move about searching for birds or animals, it carefully follows the scents in quite a deliberate manner. This breed is able to maintain and keep its gusto intact. It is for this same reason that makes this dog very wonderful and unique, especially with children. This dog offers maximum protection of the family, thus it is considered as the best breed for therapy dogs.


The average lifespan of a Sussex spaniel ranges between 12 to 14 years. Among the many illnesses that affects this dog includes hip dysplasia, which is a very dangerous malformation of the hip that is highly genetic. Another very popular illness is the otitis externa, which affects the ear due to the fact that moisture is trapped for quite a long time. Also, this breed is known to suffer from heart ailments such as patent ductus arteriosus and pulmonary valve.

Regular physical exercises is very essential for both the health and the well being of the Sussex spaniel, and also pay particular attention on what the dog’s consume as food. Furthermore, regular brushing of the fur is very vital for the coat to stay in shape.

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