The Rampur Hound

The Rampur Hound

This dog rarely back down from any form of confrontations, and can keep up with even the fastest animals. Below are very useful tips on the Rampur Hound.

This is a very rare and smooth-haired hound from North India. This dog evolved in Rampur, between Delhi and Bareilly. The ruler of Rampur at the time, wanted to create a fierce breed for hunting wild boars. Thus, they interbred native dogs with other foreign breeds such as the English greyhounds and the Tazis. The result was a Rampur Hound.

It should be noted here that this new breed of dog did exceeded the king’s expectations. This dog was very fast and could deal with the wild boars, and even when injured, they still show signs of bravery and the boars were eventually brought down at the end, but usually, the Rampur will end up death either during or after the hunt they will die from severe injuries.

These dogs were also very useful in the hunting down of jackals, deer and vermin. This dog was very powerful that it often brings down even a full-grown bull. It is also very famous for its tracking skills.

With the coming of the Modern Age, with many animal right activists, boar hunting or any other form of hunting is highly punishable by the law, or it is highly restricted to villagers and local farmers who mostly need this animal to get rid of pests. This therefore saw a drop in the popularity of the Rampur Hound. Most villagers could not afford taking care of this large dog. Some however survived but are not that strong and robust as the original ones. It is also said that the head of this dog resembles that of a boars. This is very rare dog specie to come across nowadays.

One important thing about this dog is that they are very protective of its family, even though it only serves one master. Like most large dogs, it is advised to fully supervise interactions with children, to see that no one gets hurt in the process.

Before buying a Rampur Hound, its size and other basic requirements needs to be taking into consideration. This dog requires lot of space, and can never be happy if placed in a confined apartment. Fortunately, it requires little grooming, and also are not prone to many psychological squabbles as most other dogs.

Rampur Hound is very tall, elegant and fierce dog, with broad chest, long straight legs and high waist. The feet always distinct this dog from the others-the feet are arched, long and with webbed toes that carries very powerful claws. This gives the dog a cat-like grip, thereby making them to be very fast too.

The eyes are small and dark-rimmed, with small ears and very broad head. The nose is narrow and pointed. The fur comes in many diverse colors such as brown, white, black, grey, but most people usually prefer black.

The height of the male range between 18-28 inches, and weighs around 40-42kg. While the female can stand between 16-27 inches with the weight between 37-40kg.

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