The Irish Wolfhound

The Irish wolfhound- The Giant

Popularly known as “The Giant”, the Irish wolfhound is a very ferocious fighter that can kill even lions. Nowadays, due to so much domestication, this giant called the wolfhound is now very friendly to an extent that it often welcomes even unwanted visitors. The Irish wolfhound is considered as the largest dog breed in the world today, especially when it comes to the size. The Great Dane and the Mastiff are actually the heaviest. Even though it is not however the oldest breed of dog in the world today, it existence dated as far back as 200 B.C.

Before now, the Irish wolfhound was not that nice gentle dog that is admired by almost everyone. In the earlier days, it was a vicious killer, was not only used to guard the flocks and homes from thieves, but also as a tool for war. There are stories of entire battalions to battle with little or no equipment except Irish wolfhounds. Imagine an animal that is capable of weighing up to 150 pounds and can be up to 7 feet tall when on his hind legs, how can an opponent possibly challenge a beast such as this? Worth noting is the fact that there weren’t guns back then, thus this was a very powerful weapon of mass destruction.

In most instances, an Irish wolfhound would take down an armored knight from his horse. There are also reports of this dog placed in a cage to fight against a lion, but the lion didn’t stand the chance against this fierce beast called the Irish wolfhound. This dog was born and bred in Ireland, specifically to hunt wolves. Thereby ending the name Irish wolfhound, and also for the hunting of deer which was certainly no match to this “beast”. Furthermore, this dog was used or dog fight between villages and clans.

However, what can account for the drastic change from being a fierce animal to being a “Gentle Giant” that is known today? Well, the Irish wolfhound was very furious and wiped out the entire population of wolves in Ireland, having done that, there was little or no use for this dog and it gradually started to decrease in number, but for the timely intervention of Captain Graham who actually saved this breed, but bred this very unique breed with other breeds like The Great Dane, the Borzoi and the Deer hound, this is probably how the mean nature steps in.

There is also another story about a little orphaned boy who went to work in a ship, but the captain of the ship was someone who had stole an Irish wolfhound and sold it to other countries. So why do a captain require the services of a skinny little boy on his ship? The reason for this was simply because the little boy was the only one who seems to calm down this beast. Thus, the boy was hired all for the journey, but unfortunately the ship got wrecked and they become stranded on an island. There was hunger and starvation until one day the boy prayed and a group of wild bores came along and with the help of these dogs, the crew had enough food to eat. It is certainly a nice story right?

The Irish wolfhound is a dog that often hunts by sight, so while on an outing session, endeavor to place a leash on him because this dog often attacks or chases whatever it come across. This dog is certainly not a dog that is reserve for the apartment or city, due to the fact that they require too much space. As a guard dog, they are not that efficient.

It is great with children although big, this dog is kind, gentle and loving. To attain maturity, can be up to 18 months, too much exercise before this time can cause severe damages to their bones, but with just tender care and regular tooth brushing, you are going to find a friend in an Irish wolfhound.

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