The Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested

This is actually a rare breed that is small in size. In most instances, it can be fluffy (Powder Puff) or hairless (Chinese Hairless). Here is some very important information about this particular breed of dog.


The Chinese Crested is considered as a very unusual dog due to the fact that their body is hairless. This is as a result of certain peculiar genes found in the dog’s body that causes it to have very little or lots of hair. Thus, there are two distinctive types, which is the Hairless and the Powder puff, which is the same opposite of the hairless. It has a very thick double fur that often requires constant grooming to help keep it in shape. One thing to always note is that all the puppies are born with this unique genes on them.


The origination of the Chinese Crested is considered a mystery. There are some people who reports that this dog was actually used by the Aztecs as a companion or bed warmer and also as food. Then some Chinese came across and adopted it, using it on their ships to chase rats. Nevertheless, there is absolutely no evidence to prove these assertions genetically. While others believe that it originated from Africa. With this assertion, there is genetic evidence that relates this dog to the bark less breed, the Basenji, which is commonly used today in most African Villages for hunting. The origin of this breed is not known by anyone. However, The Chinese Crested was developed and bred by Gypsy and Rose Lee into the very dog that it is today.


This particular breed should range between 12 to 14 inches at the shoulder, with the weight ranging between 8 to 10 pounds. It should be a small nice-looking but elegant dog, with graceful in movement. The eyes are usually dark for dark skin ones, and light for the light skin ones. The eye rims have to be the same like the color of the skin.

It should be noted that both the hairless and the powder puff varieties are born by the same mother, but each puppy actually carries both of the genes, that is the hair and the hairless gene.


For the powder puff, it has a long double fur that often needs constant care and attention, if not it is prone to matting. Thus, the manner in which the dog’s fur looks totally depends on how the dog has been groomed. For care, it can be extensive. The hairless type requires lots of care and attention for the skin, since it can cause acne. Furthermore, should always be moisturized with cream or oil to protect it skin from UV rays, especially if you want to take the dog out for a walk.


As far as the nature of the Chinese Crested is concern, this very unique dog requires extra attention. Firstly, it loves to be held, loved and above cuddled. This is however not recommended for little children, due to the fact that they are small and have very delicate body that is both fragile and sensitive. Thus, they can sustain injury very easily.


Usually, the hairless breed often suffers from loss of teeth. Thus, it is not penalized in the dog shows. The powder puff on the other hand does not face such problem. It is for this same reason that professional breeders have turn to breed the two different types, in order to reduce or eliminate this teeth loss issue.

Besides its tooth-loss problem, the hairless type requires a lot of attention on their skin in terms of skin care. That is why most people prefer to make it more active indoor, but a few outing is very essential. During winter, endeavor to wear the dog a sweater to keep the dog warm, especially those that are hairless. The life expectancy ranges from 10 to 15 years.

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