The Black and Tan Coonhound

The Black and Tan Coonhound

The black and tan coonhound is gradually becoming scarce today, since the need for this breed is decreasing very fast. However, it is actually a nice- looking and well-behaved dog that is just worth its price. Below you are going to find very useful information about this particular breed of dog:

History and Origins

This dog is truly a unique kind of dog breed, and actually it is the only dog breed that is highly registered with the AKC as a Coonhound. The black and tan coonhound is a breed that was developed from two very important species, that is the Bloodhound and the Foxhound, and the result is this very magnificent dog.

The original motive for breeding this dog was solely to hunt Raccoon. That is pursuing them up and down until the hunter finally arrives when the raccoon is already tired. But as time went on, it was mostly used to hunt down other kinds of animals such as deer, bear, and even cougar. As time goes on, a law was passed which did not allow the hunting of antlered animals using dogs.

The history of this dog is very interesting and fascinating as well, with many individuals claiming to have owned one of this unique dog breed in the past. Among them is Thomas Jefferson who once said that ‘The manner in which you handle your coonhound’s dribble can be the same way you try to deal with your daily problems’. After all, a dog is referred as ‘man’s best friend’.

However, Thomas Jefferson was not the only one to actual own this particular dog. Another very famous individual who owned this dog was George Washington, who is considered as the father of the Black and Tan Coonhound. Legend however holds it that he played a pivotal role in the development of this dog breed.


It is a very good-looking dog with a good size. The color of the fur is black and tan similar to that of a Doberman pinscher’s. However, this is just a general description, because it does have so many different markings that are not found in other dog breeds.

The dog ranges between 27 to 30 inches at the shoulder for the male breed, while the female ranges from 24 to 26 inches. Since this dog is commonly used for hunting, it is not often penalized for being taller that the standard states, but if it is actually smaller in size, it can be penalized. The nose is normally black, with the face freed of any wrinkles. The color of the eyes is dark-brown, with the overall weight of the dog ranging between 70 to 80 pounds. Furthermore, this dog is capable of travelling over a long distance and in rough terrain. The fur is usually short, smooth, but very dense. Like most animals, the males are bigger and larger than the females.


If scars are found on the dog, it is not penalized because it is actually a hunting breed. Naturally, this dog is very gentle and calm. For those are thinking of purchasing a puppy, do not buy a puppy that is fearful and aggressive, because there is a possibility that it might grow up to be just that, and usually those are the type of dogs that bites the most.

Mellow, unobtrusive and friendly are the dog’s personal nature, since in most instances it often tolerates little children, but might not do so that much because it’s independent nature. When in the presence of strangers, it generally howls or stays reserved.

Due to its hunting tackles of scents, wondering about in the forest due to lose of track back home is rare. This is a very important thing, thus this dog does not just lie down waiting for instructions to go and trail animals.


This dog breed is capable of running for long distances and in rugged terrain as well, however regular jogging and walking will simply do the trick. Occasional excursions are very good for both the dog’s health and well being. Even though it is actually a healthy breed, it does suffer occasionally from ear cancer, hip dysplasia and other minor infections include eye infection.

The black and Tan Coonhound is slowly decreasing in number nowadays, due to the fact that it uses are not that much as it was in the past. Therefore, to get a puppy can be a very daunting task, and if you finally come across one, the cost will be very high. But one thing you definitely need to note here is the fact that it is always worth the price.        

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