Signs Of Submissive Dog Behavior

There are two very important reason which can account for a dog’s submissive behavior, this can either be due to fear or love for their owner. However, this is not a desirable trait in dogs, since it can lead to many psychological health problems. This article is going to analyze more on the above topic.

There are many different signs which can demonstrate submissive dog behavior. Dogs with such submissive ability often turn to cringe down at the mere sight of humans. They try as much as possible to avoid others, instead, prefer to live in isolation from others.

Another way to know such dogs is that they exhibit excessive submissiveness by urinating, even if they are merely touched or in the course of their owner patting them. This submissive behavior can go up to an extent where submissive behavior is not seen as a problem.

Dogs are primarily followers, so it is the duty of humans to be the dominant type. This can become a problem when it actually exceeds the normal level. There are few breeds that are very submissive; they are Basset hounds, Golden retrievers, Beagles and Irish setters. Here are some basic ways about caring for markedly submissive dogs:

Submissive Behavior in Dogs

The following are considered as the most easily observed signs.

Submissive dogs usually lower their body:
This soft and subservient dog constantly offers their paws to their owner, so that they can shake hands and probably reaffirm their affection.

Often such dogs unremittingly try to lick the owner on the face:
Worth noting is the fact that the nature of the owner has a direct link to the dog’s behavior. The owner often acts aggressively on special occasions, but the dog might easily notice this. A direct look right straight into the dog’s eyes usually causes the buildup of anxiety. Try as much as possible to always stoop while approaching a dog, so that you can get to the dog’s height, and nice.


Behavior with other Dogs

Any dogs that exhibit excessive submissive behavior with other fellow dogs obviously need proper training to fully trounce anxiety problems. In this light, it is not a good idea to expose such dogs to aggressive ones. The training exercises should be carried out at home.

How to Effectively Change the Behavior

Massage: One obviously need to be very skillful and careful when trying out massage therapy. The dog should actually take it to be fun, it should not, however, be seen by the dog as a form of punishment. One of the effects of a massage therapy is its calming effect through the gradual release of endorphins into the system. The right spot to begin message is from the back, neck, sides of the body and the legs, and finally, the head and the belly.

Exercises and Dominant Role Play: This exercise is specifically designed to help build up a dog’s confidence. Try placing the head just beneath the dog’s neck can help reduce the submissive traits in dogs. During this position, the dog feels he is in total control and in the dominant position too. But it is not always good to force a dog to do what he does not like. Once the dog is quite comfortable with such form of exercise, it is but normal to move towards the activity of overriding role play.

The dominant role play has actually moved one step ahead of the submissive exercise. Here the dog is allowed to stand over you. While in this position, try to rub the dog gently, this helps in comforting this wonderful companion.

The aforementioned information should be very useful in dealing with this problem. Dogs with submissive behavior require so much care and affection than the normal one. But never try to eradicate this behavior problem rapidly; it is a gradual process that requires both time and patience.


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