Scabies in Dogs

These are very serious skin disorder that is as a result of a certain type of mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. Also, it is known as ‘sarcoptic mange’ or ‘scabies mange’. This tiny microscopic mite is solely responsible for causing scabies, dig right down into their skin and produce tunnels where they can conveniently deposit their eggs.

Manifestly, these tunnels are seen as very tiny scaly lines on the skin. This is a highly contagious illness, which is why most dogs often contract this illness with either other dogs or pets. There are actually cases of the disease spreading to human beings. However, humans are the wrong host of these mites, and as such, they die off on their own without completing their life circle.

Scabies Mange in Canines

Symptoms: The first sign of this dreaded skin disorder is severe itching that is usually observed in the dog. Here the dog regularly scratch or bite the affected area robustly. This is caused by the mites that often triggers an allergic reaction in dogs in which the affected animals witnesses intense skin rash or itching.

These rashes are usually observed by some little red bumps or blisters on the dog’s skin. These are often found in the ear, elbows, abdomen, and chest. When there is irritation caused by scratching, there is bound to be crusting. Skin crusting often comes with hair loss.

Diagnosis: Scabies are easily identified by a thorough observation of the affected animal’s skin, and also by the manner in which the animal scratches the body. But a detailed diagnosis is needed to fully evaluate the symptoms and also some tests. Usually, a vet examines the top layer of the skin of the affected area to actually get a glimpse of the condition.

Then the outer layer of the skin is scraped and examined under a microscope, which will then reveal the presence of mites and their eggs. Not often does this test reveal any negative result. Here, the vet needs to rely solely on the symptoms for a full diagnosis and possibly treatment.

Treatment: In most instances, medicated shampoos are used for the treatment of scabies. Worth noting is the fact that your dog needs to be clean through regular baths. There is also a contemporary antiseptic cream that needs to be applied on the dog’s skin especially after each bath.

Also, you can use lime sulfur dip to rinse, so that all the mites can be killed. Lime sulfur dip ought to be used once a week, but the smell can be awful similar to rotten eggs. Another important medication for scabies is amitraz. This chemical has a very strong odor that can be used twice a month.

Selamectin too is also applied to the affected areas. This form of treatment is applied at least once a month. On the other hand, ivermectin is mostly used as a medication for scabies, which can either be taken orally or administered through injections.

It should be noted here that continuous scratching of the affected areas can eventually lead to other secondary skin infections which will, in turn, require the use of antibiotics. Besides these, the steroid can also be needed to relieve itching.

All in all, the best way to avoid these conditions from happening is simply to keep your pet as clean as possible. Furthermore, your entire house or surrounding should be very clean; else this contagious disease can possibly spread to humans.

Finally and the most important of all is to ensure that your dog gets healthy and nutritious diet, with all the essential minerals and vitamins to build the dog’s immune system.


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