Puppy Training Vs. Dog Training

There is this argument which has been around for quite some time now if puppies can, however, be trained? Normally, this is the best time to actually train you’re your dog. Providing a good training to a dog in the form of a lesson is not that different from imparting such lesson to a puppy.

Purchasing a new puppy is considered as the turning point in every dog owner ‘s life. Just imagine clasping this cute and innocent puppy in your arms.

Beside your pet’s attractive appearance, you definitely have a daunting task to train and groom this nice-looking puppy in a manner that the puppy can obey your simple commands. It should be noted here that the overall behavior of a dog whether bad or good solely depends on the training that has been passed on in the puppy stage.

Difference between Training a Dog and Puppy

It doesn’t matter whether you are training a dog or puppy, the essential thing is that all the basics are however the same. There are some dogs that can be very aggressive at times, and this, therefore, requires special training.

By doing this regularly, there is going to be a buildup of a bond between you and the dog. Treating the dog in a very harsh manner will instead worsen the entire scenario, and will, therefore, resort to professional help to eliminate this bad behavior.

A young puppy can easily learn and be trained to obey basic commands than an adult full grown dog. The first two weeks should be on training the dog to associate with other members of the family.

While the next weeks can be to teach the puppy to socialize with other pets. As far as full grown dogs are concerned, they can remain very obedient to every command as long as each training sessions should be carried out with care and treats as the reward.

Crate training, socialization, as well as house training, should be done in the early stages, but endeavor to arrange meal time, proper area for defecation. With all these intact, when the dog grows up all you need to be worried is simply to maintain the comfort. In this light, training is made easy and the dog will, of course, obey every command.

As far as leash training is concerned, try to make the leash as loose as possible, else it might hurt the puppy and make the dog very restless. If the dog is uncomfortable with the leash, there is a great possibility that the next time you try to place him on the leash, he might resist. This is also true for dogs. Avoid using a tight leash as this can cause the dog to behave badly.

The essential thing in training either a dog or a puppy is communication. The owner or the trainer needs to communicate fully and properly with the dog. This is the sole duty of the trainer to understand the dog and the message he is trying to convey. If this domain of training is utilized, then the reward will be fabulous.

There are times where your dog or puppy can misbehave such as whine, bark or even bite. Such situations should not arouse any panic; instead quickly change your behavior nicely so that the dog can actually know that you do not like what just happened. For every obedient behavior, try to reward the dog with a treat or favorite toy.

Dogs are gradually becoming the most popular pets today, basically because of their obedient nature and they are also prone to adapt to changing situations. Placing great interest in them can make you bring out the best from them. The most important thing to note about dog training is to be patient, loving, and caring. With all this in mind, you will certainly get the best behavior ever from your pet.

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