Obedience Training For Your Dog

Obedience Training For Your Dog

This might sound strange to hear that there are some dogs that do not have bad behaviors, and even if they do have, it is the sole responsibility of the owner to inculcate good behaviors to the dog, so that they can obey very simple commands. Most dog owners often dump such dogs because they are probably fed up, and can no longer accommodate such bad behaviors anymore.

These bad behaviors would have been easily avoided if these dogs had undergone obedience training. Obedience training in dog usually forms a base work from which the dog and its owner need to establish that special bond.

Furthermore, obedience training is normally required for dogs with very bad behaviors. This is often seen as one of the best method of instilling discipline in the dog. This training enables the dog to be aware of certain behaviors, especially bad ones. This makes the dog to act right. Obedience training if rightly instilled in a dog, it will enable the dog to behave in the right manner.

Therefore, most dog owners are probably pondering whether a professional is needed to take care of these bad behaviors. In most instances, a professional’s advice is needed to teach this dog to follow some of the basic commands. But if the dog owner feels that he can manage the situation, then there is absolutely no need to hire the services of a professional.

It doesn’t matter whether the obedience training is carried out by a professional trainer or is actually done at home; there are some things you need to consider when training a dog. Below are some things that need to be taken into consideration.


Obedience training does not mean that you have to be very strict when laying out the rules. This is so because the dog is unaware of the motives behind the training. To train the dog to respond to commands, obedience training must be done in such a way that there is fun.


During this period of obedience training, it is of utmost importance to be very consistent. For instance, if the dog is allowed to drink water in a particular bowl, but the dog virtually drinks water from other sources, you need to scold the dog. Such things should not be taken for granted. The aim here is to train the dog on what to do and vice versa and above all try to stick to this. A bid of confusion might make your job even worst.

Obedience Training Instructor/Trainer

Usually, when people decide to enroll their dogs in an obedience class, it is very important for the trainer to be analyzed before the owner path ways from his dog. The trainer’s character and personality is very vital here. The trainer should be professional enough to actually know how to handle certain dog behaviors, and to train them suitably.


Worth nothing is the point that it is not very good to visit new and unfamiliar obedience training schools. This can be disastrous to both you and the dog. It is always very important to seek recommendations and referrals from vet shops, dog breeders or any other honest individual.


Not all obedience training centers charge the same amount. They however differ in terms of the services they offer. Here you need to be aware of the amounts of charges that they provide and to an extent the dog owner should quickly analyze if the prices charged are actually worth it.

Methods used in the training

The most essential thing which most dog owners who want to embark on obedience training should is to actually know some of the methods that are used in the course of the training exercise. This is because there are some obedience schools that often use very harsh or crude method in training the dog to act right. Obedience training is very essential in grooming the dog as it however provides them with the necessary skills to make them a wonderful companion.

Most people are quite unaware of the fact that the reason for their dog’s poor conduct is as a result of lack of basic training and guidance. Couple with the ever changing environment and other social encounters are more than enough to influence the dog’s poor behavior.

Obedience training ensures that the dog behave in the right manner, thereby making the dog an enjoyable and lovable companion.


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