Non-Shedding Dog Breeds

Non-Shedding Dog Breeds

Having a pet at home, especially dog is gradually becoming a habit for most people today, but are however aware of the potential mess that shed dog hair can cause to your house. More often, they want a dog that doesn’t shed too much hair to be their companion. However, there are absolutely nothing like getting a dog that does not shed hair at all. All dogs like humans are bound to shed and replace hair. There are some breeds that do shed more furs than other breed, but selecting a dog breeds that shed less coat is very important.

Airedale Terrier

This is a large terrier with a very rough coat that is known to shed less fur. This breed is very good with children, but to get maximum socialization from the dog, it needs to start very early. Sometimes they can play very rough with children. Another important feature of this dog is that these dogs are very loyal and quite easy to train, but they are also naturally curious. The size of the Airedale ranges between 21 to 25 inches in height and can weigh between 55 to 70 pounds.


These dogs are redolent of the poodle, especial around the face. Cockapoo has short curly fur and above all do not shed much fur, however they require too much grooming. This is a cross breed of the poodle and the American Cocker Spaniel, thus the appearance and the name. Above all, these dogs are very playful, loyal and friendly too, thereby making them very sociable for children and other dogs and are very easy to train or groom.

Italian Greyhound

These dogs are a miniature of the Greyhound. Their body is almost exactly as the racing cousins, but in a more compact size, with very gentle and submissive behaviors, thereby making them very emotionally attached to human beings. As far as their training is concern, they are very easy to train, but can misbehave at times. And they are quite aware that they are naughty. This dog can feel very comfortable in quiet household. The furs are sleek and short and they too do not shed much hair.

Miniature Poodle

The miniature Poodle is one of the three AKC recognized size of a poodle. Like most poodles, they shed little fur, but their shot curly hair needs constant grooming. They are easy to train, playful and above all intelligent. They often get along with children, but are very sensitive when in the company of rough kids. They get along with all the members of the family and always one to be part of the family activities. Thus, they are seen as great family pet.

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