Miniature Schnauzer Temperament

These are very tiny dogs that are full of excitement and oomph. These dogs are very affectionate and can make a great pet, but their protective and fierce nature qualifies them as great watchdogs.

Miniature Schnauzers are very enduring with much furs falling on their stretched out heads. They are often a miniature of the standard schnauzers and were bred through the crossing of the standard schnauzer with that of a smaller breed dog such as Affenpinscher and Poodle.

These dogs are very popular their light-spirited nature, which makes them very good as home pets. They are also very sturdy and robust and can protect themselves effectively when met by a threat.

Active Lifestyle

These dogs love going for brisk walks and run around without their leash. Thus, as dog owners ensure that these dogs get enough exercise and have enough time to do very lovely things.

Great Companions

This dog is very affectionate and endearing, not forgetting how loyal and devoted they are to their owner. They often shower you with so much care and attention and always expect the same thing back. The schnauzer hates to be left alone and so always follow their owner from room to room.

Furthermore, in most instances, they sneak into your couch and love to be pampered. If you are probably away for some time, upon arrival always expect to be greeted with numerous barks and licks, so that you can feel very special.

These dogs are not very attached to places, but to people. One thing to note about this dog breed is that if they are neglected, they can easily fall sick. Thus, it is very fundamental for you to give them the maximum love and affection that they deserve.

Great Watchdogs

These dogs can be very vicious and fierce, especially when it comes to protecting their territory. In fact they are great watchdogs who always find great interest in announcing the presence of visitors. This dog can be very vocal but do not always bark unnecessarily, which is a plus on their part. Furthermore, these dogs are very suspicious of visitors; therefore if not well restrain might cause serious damage to a visitor.

Content Living in Apartment

They are however great in living in an apartment, due to the fact that they are happy living in a small confined environment with yards. Their main concern is to have enough outdoor exercise. Thus, they are going to behave well indoors. Also, their nice temperament makes them a beautiful pet, and they can also get along well with other pets in the house, they are not aggressive.

Normally, this particular breed of dog does not exhibit any aggressive behaviors, since they are used to staying alone, but can be very stubborn from time to time. The older schnauzers are very difficult to train, that is why it is advised to train them when they are very young and tender.

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