Managing Your New Puppy – The Key to Canine & Human Happiness

Having a new puppy in the house can be great, but you’ll also have to learn how to manage him, as well as keep him happy and safe. The following article gives you certain essential tips on how to do exactly that.

One often sees people get a new puppy and think that it will just know how to live with a human in the way that they want him to. We think it will automatically know how to come to us when we call them, do its business in an appropriate place, and relax quietly by our side while we settle down to watch our favorite television program. We tend to think it is a piece of cake to get the puppy to do these things.

We are blinded by the cute factor, no doubt. The new dog is so adorable that there is nothing he could ever do, or not do, to wane the infatuation that we feel from looking into his sweet little eyes. Then you come home one day to find that your favorite chair has been eaten, the trash can has been tipped over along with its entire contents, and Fido has soiled your new Persian rug.

What happened to that adorable, sweet puppy you brought home? Absolutely nothing. He is just acting like a bored and unsupervised canine baby would act. You expected him to figure out what he is supposed to do and that’s exactly what he did. He kept himself occupied while you were gone and had a grand time doing it.

There are many easy ways to prevent any of these things from happening in the first place. Managing your dog is one of the most important things that you should do to make sure he does not do things that are destructive or unsafe. Some basic tools of management are baby gates, crates, tethers, and leashes. If you are not home, do not let your puppy have the run of the house. He will destroy things and may get hurt. Train him to stay in his crate or make him a safe place in a room. When you are home with him, keep him on a tether or leash by your side to ensure that he does not get into anything and harm himself, and keep an eye on him in case he needs to do his business.

If your puppy grabs the bread that you leave on the counter when you’re not looking, don’t leave the bread on the counter. This will prevent him from developing a habit of doing so. If he gets into the trashcan, put it in a place he can’t reach, or secure it with a foolproof lid. Your duty is to make your puppy’s new home safe and secure for him and to let him know what the rules are.

Along with these management tools and techniques, it is very important to enroll you new pet in a basic manners class. These classes are very beneficial for developing a healthy relationship with your dog. You learn how to communicate with your puppy and make sure he knows the rules of the house. They will also help you keep him healthy, happy, and safe.

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