Little Known Dog Breeds

Little Known Dog Breeds

The most popular dog breeds includes the Labrador and poodle retriever. There are some breeds that lack not known in the world today. The following paragraphs are a list of these little known dog breeds:

Affenpinscher: This is one of the smallest dog breed which is often called the schnauzers. This dog is regarded as the best pet for the family, because it is intelligent, a good demeanor, and easy to train. Their coat is dark and very attractive. Thus, they are loved by many people.

Anatolian Shepherd: This is the medium size and is well renowned for their gutsy ability. Although very powerful, they can be very loyal too as they are often used for hunting and military purposes.

The Basenji: This breed is also considered as medium sized dog that is also very muscular. They are known as the African Bark less Dogs. They can actually bark, but they at time choose not to. Their primary role is to hunt game.

The Bouvier des Flandres: It is quite similar to the terrier type. Their coat is usually dark, and they are known to be very composed. They were first bred in France as herders, but recently they are used for both military and police purposes, to ensure peace and tranquility. They were commonly used as a blind man’s guide.

Asian Ovtcharka: These breeds are very larger and muscular too. They are very fierce, but are very loyal with very powerful a protective instinct which highly qualifies them as “watch dogs”.

The Polish Owczarek Nizinny: This is found in the medium milieu and has a very long coat which even covers its eyes. They are called devilish dogs because they often cause combustion or chaos when they are left alone.

If you are pondering about getting a new dog in the house, while not take a look at the aforementioned rare dog species and get one for yourself.  

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