List of Foods That are Bad for Dogs

List of Foods That are Bad for Dogs

Most dog owners are not aware of the kinds of food that are actually good for their pets. They feel that foods that are good for humans can be also good for dog. This is certainly wrong, because there are foods that can be good for humans but can cause serious damages to dogs.

There is a growing misconception that animals can eat absolutely anything that they come across.  People feel that whatever that we eat, we often take it for granted, so too is the same for our pets. Contrary to this popular belief, foods that are good for human consumption might be very bad for dogs. The metabolism of dogs are quite different from those of humans, thus when they eat almost everything, it is going to portray itself in various forms.

Food Your Dog Should Not Eat


At the top of the list of harmful substances that should not be taking by dogs is alcohol. However, it is unlikely for most dog owners to provide their dog with alcohol as treats; there are a handful of others who see this as a form of experimentation. Alcohol is capable of causing disorientation, injury, and urination problems in animals. More severe cases can arise to coma and finally death.


Almost all dogs love bone! However, very few people are actually aware that cooked bones can cause serious damages to the dog. Bones after intensive cooking becomes quite brittle and easily splintered when broken. These splinters often have very sharp edges which can stick in the teeth, or trapped in the throat. That might even puncture the stomach lining. Thus, you need to stop the habit of feeding your dog with bones, especially bones of ham, pork, fish and chicken.


Cooked onions, raw onions, powder onions, dehydrated onions or in any other form should not be found in the dog’s menu. Research has shown that onions tend to destroy the red blood cell of dogs, thereby resulting to anemia. It should be noted that regular consumption of onions by dogs can lead to onion poisoning. Symptoms include diarrhea, dullness, breathlessness and vomiting.


All beverages that contains caffeine such as coffee can inflict very serious problems to dog. Dogs that consume these products often suffer from rapid breathing, muscle tremors, bleeding and restlessness.


Chocolate can be good for humans, but are very harmful for dogs. One element that is found in chocolate and cocoa powder is theobromine. Dark chocolate is considered very dangerous to the dog’s health. Licking of a chocolate icing can cause a dog to vomit, or have diarrhea. In extreme cases, there is seizure and death.


Salt is very bad for the health of dog. There are stories of a dog that eats salt and immediately suffered from bloating. This is a life threatening circumstance that causes the buildup of gas, and in the absence of possible treatment, it will cause a painful death. Also, eating too much salt can cause sodium ion poisoning.


Tomatoes are one of the vegetables that are very rich in atropine, which leads to pupil dilation, irregular heartbeat, and tremor. Furthermore, the leaves and stems of tomatoes plants actually store the highest percentage of atropine.


Cooked eggs are good for the dog’s canine, but the raw ones can drastically increase the risk of your dog to get bacterial infections like Salmonella or E coli. Furthermore, raw egg is known to contain enzymes that prevent the dog’s body from absorbing Vitamin B. Thus, egg is not good for dogs.       

Other Types of Food Items You Should Avoid

Besides the aforementioned food, there are also some foods items that your dog needs to avoid. This includes Tobacco products, surgery foods, cat food, artificial sweetener, potato leaf, candy and gum, raw fish grapes, avocado and macadamia. To sum up, foods that are given in limited portions, pure, cooked and non-fatty are very good for the health and well being of your pet.

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