Introducing a New Puppy to Your Dog

Introducing a new puppy to your dog needs to be done systematically to avoid any kind of rivalries from blossoming early on. There are many points to consider before you decide to add another dog to your family. Also, you should try and ascertain beforehand if your dog is ready for a companion.

Every dog owner is well-acquainted with the fact that once a pup gets adjusted into the new family and new home, it considers everything and everyone there to be its own. Just like humans hesitate to share stuff with others, especially people whom we don’t know, dogs too have similar preferences. Moreover, they are quite territorial in nature, especially when it comes to other dogs or pets. Being a dog lover, you might feel that having just one dog is not really enough and you might consider getting your dog a companion. Introducing this companion to your dog can be quite a task unless you prepare yourself as well as your dog thoroughly well in advance.

Before Getting the New Puppy Home

You may love the idea of having another dog around, but your dog may not find it that pleasing. Unless two dogs are brought up together since they were pups, both will find it difficult to accept each other as companions. Therefore, once you have decided on getting home another dog, give your dog enough time to accept and adjust to the fact that he is going to be having a companion soon.

Preparing Your Dog

Communicate the Idea
Talk to your dog about having another one around, about the advantages and fun that they can have together. All dogs understand a part of what their owner is trying to convey to them, so be assured that he/she will at least get a hint of what you are planning.

Start Training
Since you are aware of your dog’s nature in general, you would also know his/her behavior in the presence of other dogs. If your dog gets aggressive and snappy while around other dogs, you will have to impart behavioral training to rectify this problem. If not, it could pose a big problem after you bring home the new pup. Your dog should not be too submissive or else it would provide the new pup scope to bully, which may even lead to your dog landing in depression. This can also be rectified through training. To be more precise, you need to teach your dog to be friendly when in the company of another dog.

Your dog should get familiar with the new pup in a place where there are other dogs as well. This will also allow introduction of that puppy to other dogs. Your dog may also be able to watch and learn how the other dogs behave and interact with the pup. Let your dog sniff around the pup as this is how they greet each other. Do not show excessive fondness towards the new pup, as this may trigger aggressiveness in your dog. Encourage both the dogs by speaking lovingly and reinforcing that they are behaving well. Your dog and the new pup should meet at least twice before the pup finally comes home.

Welcoming the New Pup
Before you can bring home the pup, make sure you keep away all those things that your dog is possessive and territorial about, like its feeding bowl, toys, etc. When the pup comes home, leave your dog and the pup on their own for a while. Observe their behavior and let the pup introduce itself to its new home. Do not show more fondness or pamper the pup too much as this would certainly annoy your older dog. Try to be as neutral as possible with both.

You will need to have a lot of patience in the initial stages while both the dogs adjust with each other. Discourage them from fighting and reward them for good and friendly behavior. Training the pup would be really easy as it will learn most of the things from your older dog. You should provide separate feeding and water bowls, toys, and treats to both. Also make sure that your older dog does not feel neglected or left out because of the arrival of the new pup.

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