How to Take Care of a Dog that has been Hit by a Car

Usually, when your dog gets hit by a car, we often feel stress and passionate as you might be mystified about what ought to be done to remedy this situation. Below in this article, you will be aware of the things you can and ought to do in the event that your dog is hit by a car.


Ensuring your dog will certainly keep you away from budgetary issues if there is an event of any wounds or mishaps by accident. In most instances, when we take our dogs out for a walk, they may simply go out of control, or keep running over the road because of some diversion.

During this situation, there are the possibilities of your dog sudden get hit by a fast-moving car. Such mishaps may prompt head wounds and while not fractures. In the following paragraphs, we disclose to you what ought to be done if your dog is hit by a fast-moving vehicle.

Try not to Panic: Most importantly, you ought not to panic or confuse. It is vital to remain as calm as possible so you can center on what should be done to save your dog’s life. Additionally, if your dog is in a conscious state after the hit, it might easily detect your nervousness.

This would surely expand your dog’s pressure and dread levels and that may pose a threat to his health condition. Try as much as possible to calmly address your dog in a quiet way. This is certainly the right thing to do here.

Always keep in mind that since your dog has experienced an injury, you may need to approach him with a lot of caution and care. This is simply on account of the fact that your dog is in a condition of fear and stress, and may bite when you attempt to care for him. Things like a scarf should be just fine. However, it is not always advisable to use a muzzle, especially when the dog is probably having difficulties in breathing.

In the event that your dog is unconscious

  1. If your dog has passed out after being hit, the best thing to do is that you must move the injured pet to a secure area. This would need to be carried out with utmost care.
  2. Furthermore, you need to check if the dog is still breathing. If this is the case, you should instantly take your pet to the nearest vet. This too should be done with care, so as to avoid any further injuries. You can do this conveniently with a vehicle utilizing a towel, blanket or a cardboard piece.
  3. Also, endeavor that your dog has a clear runway to the nearest clinic. Place the head of your dog lower than his entire body by setting a cover underneath the pet’s lower body.
  4. In situations whereby the dog is not breathing, contact a vet instantly. Here, CPR measures would need to be taken until the point when help finally arrives. Do mouths to mouth if you are well trained, else look for quick assistance from a trained vet? Worth noting is the fact that CPR should not be performed on any healthy animals since it can eventually cause serious health consequences.

In Case of External Bleeding

After being hit by a car, try to observe your dog for any external bleeding. In the case of any bleeding, clean the wound carefully. At this point use a perfect cloth and wrap the injured region and by applying slight pressure to avoid any further loss of blood.

In Case of a Broken Limb

In the event that you see that your dog may have broken limb or simply can’t walk well, use a material or towel to hold or offer help to the broken limb, so that your dog can stay firm and steady, after which you can quickly take him to any nearby vet.

If No Symptoms are seen

Usually, a dog that is hit by a fast moving car has a tendency to overlook his pain and flee as fast as possible. This is just his natural tendency. However, because of this, you may not understand that your dog has been badly injured. The absence of any side effects or visible wounds may additionally influence you to feel that your dog is ok.

This is certainly not true. It is essential to take your dog to the vet even without any side effects showing since there are chances of the dog suffering from internal bleeding which is difficult to identify. Internal bleeding may happen immediately after the accidents or even a few hours after the act. Thus left untreated, it might have grave results and may even be lethal.

Points to Consider

  1. Endeavor to cover your dog with a thick blanket so that he stays warm.
  2. Avoid administering any prescription without the consent of a vet. Providing mere food and water might be unsafe, as your dog may suction it into his lungs.
  3. Even though your dog might show signs of being ok, don’t give him a chance to move around until inspected and treated.
  4. In most situations, a little dog can be easily transported to the vet. In any case, you will require help for a dog that is too big.

In Case of Financial Problems

Most healthcare emergency centers can be exceptionally costly, because of this; most people will be unable to bear the cost of the treatment. Always bear in mind that owning a pet is a major obligation and accepting to keep it implies that you should be fit to take care of the pet and his needs. Besides, your main obligation is to help in such crises period.

What to do in the event that you have no cash for taking your dog to the vet? Everything being equal, a circumstance like this is best maintained only when you keep some cash aside for medicinal crises. You could search for pet projects that offer low cost for pets and enroll your pet there.

In most instances, a street accident that affects your dog may mean minor damage or fatal one. But always note that your fright may cause your pet to fear the most, which is why such situations ought to be taken care of smoothly. Furthermore, the effect of the vehicle hitting your dog may have caused fatal wounds, for which prompt veterinary attention must be taken.

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