Home Cooked Dog Food

Home Cooked Dog Food

This food is basically the best alternative to the many commercial pet food we available today in the many pet shops, and it is more nutritious as well. They are not that difficult to prepare and is often considered as one of the method to show your affection and care towards your dog. Here are some really healthy and tasty recipes that your dog is going to love.

Most dogs food are made with high amounts of pesticides, chemicals, additives, and high measures of overcooked oils, sugar, and salt and it should be noted here that these products can cause serious health problems. Some are known to have overwhelming metals, fats, shape, and meat that is bad for human consumption. These ingredients meddle with the body metabolism, and above all do not provide enough nutrition and may further lead to different ailments and medical issues. The solution to this particular lies in home-made food that is reputable for their safety and nutrients.

Day by day Food Recipe


Vegetables, 1 glass (finely chopped)

2 cups of meat, (chicken, sheep, and hamburger) finely chopped

3 containers of a grain of your choice (rice, cereal, wheat, grain)


Warmth some olive oil in a pot and drop in the pieces of meat. Allow it to cook well. Once the meat is done, then drop in the grains, some water and let it cook for about 15 minutes. Then, put the vegetables and cook until the point that everything is well cooked. But endeavor not to overcook the vegetable and serve chilled.

Poochy Casserole

Ingredients: Dark colored rice, ½ glass (cooked), Chicken, 1 container (chopped into pieces), blended vegetables, ½ cup (obviously boiled), Chicken broth, 3 to 4 tablespoons (unsalted)

Method of Preparation

Heat up the chopped chicken and the blended vegetables. In a different cooker, cook the darker rice. At this point, blend every one of the ingredients and pound well. Blend well and serve when it attains normal room temperature.

Fish Treat


1 egg

Salmon, 1 can

1 Potato (chopped)

3 tablespoons of Cornmeal

Carrot, 1 (chopped)

A tablespoon of peanut butter

Canola oil


Put the egg in a bowl and beat it well. Then add salmon and cornmeal, then blend and mix thoroughly. Make little patties and fry with the help of canola oil. Then, heat up the vegetables well. Once the patties are ready, mash them and add to the boiled vegetables. Serving is usually done with alongside peanut butter.

Sheep Treat

Ingredients: Sheep, 1 pound (ground), brown rice, 2 glasses (cooked), white rice, 2 glasses (cooked) I cup of yogurt or skimmed milk, 1/4 cup of kale and 1/4 cup of green beans.


Cook the ground sheep thoroughly and add to it the brown rice and the white rice. Blend and mix gently and after that add the green beans, kale, and carrots. Once blended together, put the yogurt or skimmed milk and stir gently. Serve when warm and chilled and store the rest in zip secure packs inside the refrigerator.

Meatball Treats

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of oats, 1 egg, meat or chicken stock and finally 3 cups of wheat flour.


Inside a big bowl, beat the egg well until the point that it turns fluffy, then add the entire wheat flour, oats, and meat stock and blend thoroughly. Roll into little balls and bake or fry for three minutes. Serve when it is chill.

I am quite certain that your dog is going to like this particular recipe. Almost every dog that I have come across loves this recipe. This is definitely a treat from you to your companion.

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