Hives in Dogs

This isn’t a perilous condition in dogs, except for the fact that it can be quite distressing for most dogs. Also known medically as urticaria, it can show up at any spot on a dog’s body and it is easily recognized by little red bumps that irritate and itch the dog.

A number of cases have been known to completely vanish after 24 hours or in some few days. When these hives are in the dog’s body, it is very disturbing. However, this is certainly the time when the dog requires your assistance and care. But before you look for a possible solution to the issue, you have to be quite certain about its side effects.


Skin Rashes

Loss of hair

Oily fur

Formation of yellow fixes on the skin

Swelling of the eyes and face

Nearness of knocks or warts on the skin

Troublesome breathing

Injuries to the skin that usually do not heal

Extreme drying of the skin

Scratching and disturbance of the skin

Skin irritation


Like human beings, histamine and different chemicals are discharged into the circulation system when a dog comes into contact with a substance that its system is allergic to, thereby leading to swelling, itching, and blushing of the skin alongside other side effects. Hives is one such visible response of the dog’s body whenever it comes in contact with allergens. There are many reasons that can prompt this type of reaction.

Firstly, it can be as a result of ingestion of foods that contain stabilizers, additives, emulsifiers, and other coloring agents. Furthermore, different drugs and flea or insect bites can likewise trigger this reaction.

Home Remedies

There are considerable measures of things that you can engage in so that you can easily redress this issue. Firstly, try to incorporate supplements of vitamin A, selenium, and vitamin C in your dog’s diet. Besides, you can get an oral corticosteroid. Add it to the dinners and make sure that your dog to eats it all together. There is also the use of Benadryl.

The dose that is typically prescribed is 2 mg for each pound orally after every 8 hours. Grind a few oats in water till it turns into a paste. Then apply this paste on your dog’s skin. You can likewise make a concoction of dark or green tea. Add this concoction to a jar of water to bathe your dog with. This will completely alleviate the itching.

Take a clean towel and place it in very cold water and rub on your dog’s skin with this towel for about 6 minutes every day till the itching subsides. Furthermore, you can use non-prescription antihistamines. This is going to help stop the itching.

Home remedies are often considered as the best form of treatment for hives. But, you should endeavor to visit a vet as fast as possible. But the essential thing here is for you the dog owner to quickly figure out the primary cause of these hives.

With this completely figure out, the vet may conduct different analytic tests to know the cause of hives. Medical assistance is usually needed for repeating cases so that it can be treated once and for all.

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