German Shepherd Dog Food

German Shepherd Dog Food

Choosing quality dog food is an essential factor in the life of your German shepherd. In this article, you are going to get essential tips on having the right food for your German shepherd.

As the name implies, German Shepherds were initially reared to care and guard sheep. Their fierce, responsive, and loyal behavior makes them ideal ‘police dogs’. German Shepherds are very beefy, well-structured, aggressive and with strong-built bone structure. These dogs are quite remarkable for being cautious and profoundly defensive of ‘asserts’, for example, the family they live with, the herd they look after, and above all are very territorial.

Due to the fact that German Shepherds require a good food and dynamic life, they also need sound nutritious dog food also. It should be emphasize here that the fact each dog desire diverse nutritional necessities, and German Shepherds are much the same. It is imperative for not just their wellbeing but for their physical appearance for them to be fed with similar foods like their ancestors. However, not every nutritional foods are useful for these dogs, as a constant feeding with ‘good dog food’ may make them overweight, leading serious health complications.

Proper Dog Food for a German shepherd

The foods that must be consumed by German Shepherds should be like the foods that this very unique dog breed use to eat before. It definitely needs to be as healthy as possible. Subsequently, it is vital for all dog owners to take a keen look of their pets and afterward pick the right food for them to consume. Any dog that consumes healthy food is able to stay away from food allergies.

It should be noted here that proper feeding of your dog helps to increase their life expectancy and further makes them less prone to other illnesses. Generally, German shepherd food should incorporate proteins, sugars, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that ought to be present in the right proportion in any healthy dog food. Furthermore, natural vegetable fibers, the food should comprise of whole grains, chicken as well as meat, and antioxidants. Besides the above mentioned food, there are also commercial dog foods that are readily available in the market today for German shepherds.

Dog Food Recipe

Usually home-made dog foods are obviously the best dog food for a German shepherd. There are many home-made dog food recipes that a dog owner can prepare for the wellbeing of their pet. Below is a very easy-to-make dog recipe that is often seen as the best food for German shepherd.

Ingredients: Water, Turkey, Chicken, Darker rice, Eggs, Ground hamburger, Carrots, Potatoes, Chicken stock.


Cook all the meats together in a different pot. After the meats are completely cooked, add the rice and chicken stock to it and cook for about 25 minutes. At that point add the beaten eggs, potatoes and carrots to it. Cook for some additional time and serve this dish when it is warm, not when it is either hot or too cold to your German shepherd.

Ensure you keep up a variety in the food that you feed your German shepherd. It should be emphasize here that this dog adore treats all the time. This recipe will certainly keep your dog away from the vet clinic since the health will be superb.

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