Dogs in Heat

Most dog owners are often compounded by some of the strange behaviors which are shown by their female dog especially when they are in heat, or the closest male dog that begin drifting around her. To solve such issues, it is important that you prepare yourself with basic information about your dog heat cycle.

Some of the basic information that you need include incubation period, dog pregnancy and about getting them sterilized or fixed. This is pivotal to your dog’s wellbeing and overall health.

Most individual think that it is difficult to actually know when your dog is in heat and when the moment comes, to manage them amid that period can be a daunting task.

Heat period is a normal phenomenon in female dogs, similarly to the female menstrual cycle. This period is otherwise called the ‘canine estrous cycle’. Normally, male dogs do not go into heat, however are influenced when the female dog is in heat. This period is marked by a great deal of behavioral changes and should be dealt with properly and effectively too.

Canine Estrous Cycle Stages

Like that humans, the canine estrous cycle has distinctive stages that actually fluctuate too, and it should be recalled here that dog experience diverse changes amid this period of time. The start of the estrous cycle shows that the female dog has attained a phase of sexual development, otherwise called puberty.

This cycle divided into four phases, that is proestrus, diestrus, estrus, and of course anestrus. However, the length and recurrence of the cycle rely mainly on the age of the dog in heat and above all the dog breed.


This stage lasts from the ninth or tenth day of the cycle and it is the first stage. In this stage, the female dog oozes out blood through her vaginal area and the male dog usually are pulled towards her because of this discharge. Be that as it may be, most female dogs during this period are not actually very friendly. At the sight of a male dog, most female dog during this phase always folds their tail between their legs.


This can be called the ovulating stage wherein the female begins ovulating and ends up responsive to the ever pursuing male dogs, and eventually leading to mating. This phase can be easily perceived by the bulging of the vulva and of course the bleeding and normally last between five to nine days. Furthermore, during this phase the female dog is often seen shaking her tail in order to fully attract the male dogs.


This is the next stage immediately after the mating or breeding period. In the event that the mating is successful, she will be obviously pregnant. However, if she doesn’t mate, some hormonal changes are bound to happen with diminished vaginal release and responsiveness towards male dogs. Of course the swelling of the vulva has to lessen, the bleeding to reduce.


During this phase in the life of a female dog, she experiences no hormonal change and demonstrates no urge towards mating. It is simply the time when her body gets ready for the following estrous cycle. This stage can go on for around five to seven months.


To know if your female dog is in heat, below are some symptoms which every dog owner ought to look very keenly.

  1. Swelling and softening of the vulva walls.
  2. Bleeding or any form of discharge from the vaginal.
  3. Increase in the rate of urination.
  4. Attracted to male dogs or being around them.


Behavior or Conduct

There are typical changes in both the conduct of the female dog, and the male dogs during this period. Aside from the above side effects, you would likewise see behavioral changes such as aggressive towards other female dogs, increase need for care and attention, and probably increased dormancy and sluggishness.

Male dogs on their part show a considerable measure of animosity and energy simply because the female dog is in heat. Most often they may stray in quest for the female or show some signs of eagerness just to be with the female dog in heat.


Spaying is helpful in that it help prevents the female dog from health issues that can affect the dog’s wellbeing such as uterine contaminations, the advancement of mammary tumors, uterine cancer, and also prevent litters, and for male dogs it is actually helpful in that it reduces hostility and territorial conduct, prevent the dog from wandering off, and above all prevent testicular tumors.

Normally Asked Questions

Question: Female dogs initially go into heat at what age?

Answer: Normally, female dogs may go into heat between 6 to 12 months of age. For larger breeds, it might take up to a year old or even two.

Question: What is the duration of heat period?

Answer: This can take three weeks on a normal basis. However, the span may vary contingent on the dog breed and the age.

Question: How long do female dogs have their period/ how long do female dog bleed?

Answer: They bleed for at least two weeks, you can actually add or minus a couple of days.

Question: How many times in a year does a female dogs go into heat?

Answer: This can happen twice per year, each seven to eight months. A few breeds may go into heat just once in a year.

Question: Is it possible for a dog to get pregnant in her first heat?

Answer: The answer is yes! It is very possible; however it is not medically advisable to breed dog in their first heat as their eggs are still very unripe. Thus, it is advisable to breed female dogs only when they are above one and a half years or more, after all their basic heath checks have been finished.

Question: What is the gestation period for dogs/ how long does a female dog stay pregnant?

Answer: This can take place for roughly nine weeks or 64 days.

Caring for a Female Dog in Heat

Usually, when dogs act strange, it is simply on the grounds that they require a great deal of consideration, love, and care from the owner. This can be done by providing her with healthy foods, and guaranteeing her security safety.

The vaginal discharge is always the problem here, but to handle this, you can restrict her to a container or a room in your home. You can likewise purchase dog diapers accessible at pet stores particularly for this reason.

Avoid leaving your female dog all by herself or take her for a stroll when she is in heat. Endeavor that she gets sufficient rest and don’t allow her to sit unbothered at home for quite a while.

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