Dog Obedience Training: Boot Camp for Dogs

When a dog has so many behavioral problems, the best place to run to is a boot camp so that they can coach the dog some obedience training. However, this form of training exercise does not work well for all dogs.

 It is for this same reason that most dog training schools or institutions have tried to intensify some of their training sessions which are often referred to as ‘doggie boot camps’. These projects are specifically for dogs that are quite difficult to train, and most of these institutions guarantee to fully redress these behavioral issues.

Like most boot camp, your dog should stay at the school the course of the training exercise, but a few schools might allow the dog to go home for the night. The training time might range between a week and a month and above all the expenses for the course, its duration and term, varies from one school to another.

Most of these boot camps will educate your pet the fundamental commands such as stay, sit down, walk without any leash, and come when asked to. Their educational programs include instructing the dog on good behavior, for example, not hopping on visitors, not to bark carelessly, however, if your dog requires special attention due to the fact that it has special needs, it has to come with an extra cost.

The viability of these boot camps is often underlooked by many individuals on the basis that most of these institutions utilize discipline based systems which are considered as harsh to train these dogs. Additionally, the intensive and long period of training is not extremely viable.

However, the increase in boot camps is most likely because most dog owners are not ready to lay off time from their busy schedule to train their dogs, and thus see these boot camps as a solution to their problem. What most individuals fail to understand is that their dog’s poor behavior probably stem from the fact that they fail to establish effective communication and leadership. Even though professional dog training can actually make a huge difference, the fact still remains that you are well equipped to do this job yourself and effectively too.

The perfect method to use when inculcating good behavior into your dog is simply to utilize the reward method as opposed to discipline method that is often used by many individuals. For every good behavior compensate him with a playtime with his favorite toys or a treat or a special meal. The sole aim of this type of training is to effectively strengthen the bond between you and the dog.

The essential and most critical aspect of the training exercise is to make the dog understand that you are the pack leader. This basic understanding is an absolute necessity; else all your endeavors will be worthless. This training will form the bedrock for all future training activities. Below are some really remarkable ways of establishing your leadership over the dog.

One approach to do this is to order him to eat immediately after putting food into his bowl. But if you place food in his bowl and vanish, then the dog might not know the actual source of the food. But in the event that you asked him initially to sit and afterward place the bowl in front of him, he will quickly know that you are in control of both the food and his wellbeing.

This is because, in the dog society, it is actually the pack leader that fully controls the food. It is just with his authorization and consent that the next in command eats, then the others. When he needs your consent to eat, he will comprehend that you are indeed the leader.

Also, one should first make sure that he sits before releasing him outside. After you open the dog, the dog has to wait for your command before he goes outside.

During a walk with your dog, always be in front, this will enable you to be seen as the leader of the pack and the dog should either walk beside you or behind you, but not in front all these should be done with the help of a leash. The leash should be used to guide, communicate and control your dog.

It should be recalled here that during dog training exercise, it is best to center on one particular order at any given moment, till it is fully understood or less confusion can easily set in. While engaging in any dog training exercise, make the dog to comply with a request, show him what you anticipate that he will do, and continually repeat the word you need him to act on. For instance, while asking him to sit, slowly push down his back while repeating the word ‘sit’, and if he finally complies, remunerate him with a special treat.

But if you really feel the best way to take care of your dog’s behavioral issues is by sending it to a boot camp; then you need to discover in detail the strategies being utilized by the instructor for correcting these behaviors and above all if the trainers are actually qualify for this particular job. If you are chanced, endeavor to make yourself available to watch the various procedures. Just to be sure, request a rundown of certain veterinarian references. This will enable you to know if some of the methods employed by the schools actually produce good results.

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