Dog Food Recipes

Dog Food Recipes

The most ideal method to actually know that you are giving your dog a good food is to prepare it yourself. One must take care to see that each food and treat that you provide to your dog is a suitable diet for the dog. Use these simple to-make dog food formulas and watch how your dog licks his lips in so much happiness.

The current review in most dog food has warranted most dog owners to prepare their dog food all alone! Usually, most dogs’ specialists will contend that there is nothing as good as preparing your food at home, however it is best you do this briefly until you visit your nearby vet, as most dogs have special nutritional needs. But if there is bound to be any dietary changes, then it should be carried out gradually, in order to stay away from stomach related problems. The formulas ought to be switch regularly so as to ensure there is nutritious collection in dog’s diet.

It should be recalled here that under no circumstance should you you’re your dog with bone, particularly if the bones are cooked. Pieces of the bone can easily break up and get held up in the dog’s stomach. Though, wild and stray dogs eats bones, they can do as on the grounds that they additionally have a tendency to eat hair and other garbage food, which  facilitate the bone parts and enable them to go through without getting held up. There are also some well known foods which are very dangerous to dog include grapes, garlic, avocados, macadamia nuts, raisins, chocolate, and mushrooms.

Doggy Hamburgers

Basic ingredients: Green beans 1jar, Carrots, 1 jar, Ground sandwich meat, 1 glass (stir-fried in 1 tablespoon canola oil), and boiled egg, 1 (chopped), Cereal, ½ glass (cooked) and 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese.


Blend all these different ingredients well and serve at room temperature. You could likewise include a good dog supplement either mineral or vitamin for effective results. Always endeavor to preserve the unused food in a secure container in the refrigerator and discard any remaining ones after about three days.

Doggy Casserole

Ingredients: ½ container of darker rice (cooked), Chicken, 1 glass (boiled, and chopped), Blended vegetables, ½ glass (boiled), 3-4 tablespoons of Chicken juices (unsalted).


(Worth noting is the point that salmon can be substituted once in a while for scorched poultry, but the chicken stock must be avoided.) Mix gently and serve the blend at room temperature.

For doggy Rice, Veggies, and Meat, here is what you are going to need;

Ground hamburger, 1 oz (usually hormone and anti-infection free)

Blended vegetables, 1 oz

Dark colored rice, 2 glasses (cooked)

Plain yogurt, 1-2 oz


Fry the ground hamburger till it turns darker in color and after that place the dish aside for a while

Steam the vegetables until the point when they are delicate and much tender, then remove the vegetables from the heater and allow it to cool slowly.

Place the vegetables inside the food processor container and heartbeat them till they are copped plainly.

Blend these vegetables with the rice and ground beef.

Multi Grain Kibble

Ingredients: 3 cups of water, 2 cups of wheat flour, 1½ mugs of useful flour, (unbleached), 1 container rolled oats, 1 container of cornmeal, non-fat drain, 1 container (dry, powdered), half cup of soy flour, ½ glass of wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, ½ glass, corn oil, 5 tablespoons,  salt, 1 tablespoon, and 1 egg.


Firstly, heat the oven to around 350ºF.

Blend the corn oil and egg in a small dish.

Mix all the dry ingredients in a huge bowl. Add water into all the dry ingredients and put the egg blend thoroughly until every one of the substance mix. However the hitter ought to be thin. Pour the batter on heating sheets and spread it uniformly like you would for a pizza base. Then heat it for around 45 minutes. When it is cool, break it into pieces. Store the pieces in an air-tight compartment and place in the fridge.

All in all, these dog formulas are far from being difficult to prepare so that your dog can experience a drastic change in his diet. All you need to do here is simply to follow each step right to the latter.

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