Cod Liver Oil for Dogs

The mere fact that you are reading this article simply means that you cherish your hairy companion so much, and want to provide the most ideal care. After providing your dog with great dog food, consistent veterinary check-up, regular grooming, periodic vaccinations and above all essential obedient training, yet you are still not contempt with all that you have offered so far.

Thus, you are still searching for better ways of providing a better life to your dog. Surely you need to provide him with dietary supplements that can enhance his wellbeing. The multimillion-dollar question here is that can cod liver oil do the trick?

The answer is yes! Normally, cod liver oil is a nutritious supplement obtained from the liver of codfish. It should be emphasized that it is very rich in omega-3 basic fatty acids, for example, DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and both vitamin A and D. These nutrients are known to be helpful for dogs in many perspectives, and further keep numerous sicknesses under control.


Vitamin A: Boost both the eyesight and the immune system.

Vitamin D: Enhance development and skeletal improvement in puppies is very useful for both bone and joint health keeps up a harmony amongst calcium and phosphorus, which, thus, is essential for sound bone cells and finally helps the muscle to contract.

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids: Is extremely useful for geriatric dogs, as it facilitates stiffness in their legs and hips, also helps in keeping the joints in great working conditions, helps puppies by boosting their energy, prevents dog immune system illnesses.

For example, inflammatory stomach diseases, enhances the coat quality, texture, and sheen, prevent atopy, that is allergies caused as result of inhaling substances like dust or molds, advances a healthy cell condition, and enables its body to battle inflammation, counteracts loss of mental sharpness in old dogs, very valuable in decreasing irritation related with joint inflammation indications. Also helps in treating allergies, asthma, and joint inflammation, and psoriasis assists with weight reduction, metabolic disorder, and uneasiness, boost the heart’s wellbeing, finally, it reduces the odds of having ulcerative colitis, fiery gut disorder, kidney illness, and rheumatoid joint inflammation.

I know you might have read about some of the negative effects of cod liver oil, but the aforementioned benefits, particular to its segments, are quite enough to guarantee you that it is completely good for dogs. But it is constantly great to visit your vet before starting to provide the supplement to your dog.

The veterinarian is in the right position to prescribe the right dose according to your dog’s weight and health. Cod liver oil is all that is important to keep your beautiful companion sound and healthy.

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