Best Herbal Pain Relief for Dogs

 When humans are sick they often consume prescribed medication to relieve them from the pain, when dogs too are injured or sick, it is but normal that you have to try earnestly to see that they get relieve from this injury or illness.

Due to the natural ingredient and limited side effects that are linked to the use of herbs, most individual are gradually switching to the use of herbs as a form of treatment for their dogs. Even though in the outcome of severe injuries, one needs to visit a vet, there are actually some pains that can be treated with the help of some herbal remedies:

Natural Pain Remedies for Dogs

Turmeric: Both humans and dogs have so many foods that they can consume easily without any side effects. This is certainly seen in turmeric which has been observed to be valuable in treating joint pains in dogs. All you need to do is simply to sprinkle some turmeric powder into the dog’s food and give him to eat so that the pain can be alleviated.

Cayenne: This herb can conveniently manage various dog health issues. Capsaicin is the basic compound present in the herb that makes cayenne a standout very unique as the best herbal pain reliever. Other than a pain reliever, this herb can act as an anti-inflammatory agent to the direct spot where the herb is applied.

Chamomile: Chamomile is extremely useful in relieving eye irritation in dog. Soak a pack of chamomile tea in warm water as if you are preparing tea and remove the pack after at some point. After allowing it to cool, press out the water and place the pack over the eye that is irritated.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is considered as one of the most effective natural pain relief herb for dogs. It is often used as a poultice for insect or flea bites and burns, or a portion of the aloe Vera juice could simply be place on the injured spot to provide fast relief from pain.

St. John’s Wort: St. John’s wort helps in the fast relieve of dog’s pain which is usually as result of injured muscles, joints, or nerve endings because of serious injuries. This herb can either be infuse or through tincture. Immediately after a tincture of St. John’s wort and skullcap is given to the dog, it can help relieve the dog from intensive pain.

Ginger: The common ingredient found in fresh ginger have anti-spasmodic properties that makes it very effective for relieving back pain and stomach pain. Ginger can be made into a poultice and utilize because they bring comfort and relief to your muscles through mild pull and strains.

Feverfew: Feverfew has anti-inflammatory properties that make this herb very popular for relieving pain caused from headaches and arthritis. This herb is commonly used as an option for aspirin, since this particular medicine is dangerous for animal consumption.

Licorice: This herb contains a compound called Glycyrrhizin which has a structure like that of corticosteroids discharged by the body. It is this compound has actually given this herb its properties as pain reliever. When utilized properly, licorice decreases pain caused by arthritis.

Yucca: This herb contains saponin, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, it empowers the production of corticosteroids and hormones that further helps in the production of corticosteroids. Consequently this herb is extremely valuable in mitigating pain and irritation. Yucca provides better outcomes when combine with herbs such as licorice and alfa-alfa.

Basically, natural herbal treatments are best for dogs; Firstly, it is quite safe and powerful. In any case, if there is a severe injury, or if your pet is in serious pain, don’t hesitate to take him to a veterinarian instantly.

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