Best Dog Food for Pugs

Best Dog Food for Pugs

Getting the correct dog food for your pet can be both an overwhelming and confusing task with the number of readily available options around. Here are some readily incredible tips that can help you throughout the course of this journey.

People are easily attracted pr lured to those commercial dog foods that are heavily heralded for the simple reason that they can be very nutritious, but this is not always the case since most of these commercial dog foods lack some of these basic nutrients and it is for this particular reason that you need to quickly switch to home-made dog food for pug immediately.

Choosing Dog Food

Even though home-made dog food is often seen as the best alternative, at some point it is quite difficult to prepare one for your precious dog. Faced with such situations, you are therefore bound to get those readily available commercial dog foods for pug. However, if you want to get some for your dog, then it is imperative that you purchase those brands that are confirmed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials or AAFCO. The brand needs an explicit mark that explains some of the nutrients that are found in the product and should also be good for dogs of all ages.

While picking any dog food, there is one dependable guideline that has to be remembered; always go for a dog food that is made up of human-grade ingredients. It is very imperative that the all the ingredients that should be used in dog food have to be natural and healthy. It should be noted here that a healthy dog food should be void of any sort of chemicals.

Pugs are carnivores, just like other dog breeds. Most vegetarian dog owners will want to believe that they can provide all the supplements their dog needs with a simple vegetarian dog food diet, this is definitely not true. A pug needs to have in his day to day diet 50% of meat in any form. It is always good to pick meats that are low on fat as pugs tend to put on weight so easily. Here, any dog food made from turkey is to a great degree very nutritious.

Furthermore, if you need to add vegetables to your pug’s daily meal, then it should be mashed or squashed so that it can be easily digested. To provide your dog with enough carbohydrates, serve him with cooked dark colored rice blended with meat and squashed vegetables. Pugs are well known to be prone to allergies, Thus if your dog shows any signs of allergies, quickly quit the food and rush the dog to the nearest vet. Abstain from feeding your dog with corn. Your dog food ought to be a healthy mixture of 50% protein, 40% vegetables, and 10% grain.

How to Prepare Homemade Dog Food for Pugs

Ingredients: 6 cups of potato flour/rolled oats, 3 glasses of cooked dark colored rice, 2 cups of dry milk, 1 cup sunflower oil, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, water, 5 cups and 2 teaspoons of bone meal.


Mix together the rolled oats, darker rice, and dry milk. In a different utensil, blend the sunflower oil with about 4 cups of water. For the flavor, you can substitute the water with meat or chicken soup. Gradually overlap this blend of fluids into the flour blend that you made before.

For season, you can then add the soy sauce or add the bone meal for the protein that it provides. Combine all until the point when there is a blend that has a smooth consistency, but not dry.

Place the mixture into a baking dish that has been rubbed thoroughly with oil. Try to separate the blend into littler parts so that you can easily prepare the blend in clusters.  Bake in an oven for not more than 30 minutes. When it is ready, the blend will be light dark colored and won’t adhere to the sides of the baking dish.

Now your food is ready, remove it from the oven and allow it to cool. Then break into little pieces and preserve in an air-tight container.

This is a simple technique to prepare a healthy dog food that is very nutritious and unquestionably the best dog food since there are no preservatives or artificial coloring. Nonetheless, it is best to first seek the consent of your vet before introducing any new eating routine to your pet.

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