Belly Band for Dogs

Tired of your male dog soiling your whole house? You probably need to get him a belly band. Find out all about belly bands for dogs here.

A belly band has come to the rescue of dogs who assume the whole world to be their own little toilet, either because they suffer from uncontrollable urination, or because they just haven’t been trained yet. A belly band is meant mainly for male dogs, which is wrapped around them to cover their private parts. Sometimes people even use sanitary napkins or baby diapers enclosed in a band. With a belly band, the urine is absorbed by the liner, which can then be disposed and replaced. It comes with an outer shell, which may become damp in the process. This shell can be rinsed to be used again.

Uses of Belly Bands for Dogs

There are a variety of purposes that a belly band serves. Following are some of them:

  • A belly band serves to control the problem of incontinence in male dogs. These problems may be the result of certain illnesses. As such belly bands come to their aid.
  • They are useful in the period of potty training for dogs. However, you must be careful not to allow your dog to get used to the belly band. When you take him outside, train him to urinate only in one particular place, and reward him for his behavior.
  • A belly band also prevents male dogs from mating with their female counterparts in heat, as they effectively cover up the private parts of the dog.
  • Belly bands also make an interesting addition to dog clothes!

How to Sew a Belly Band for Dogs

Those of you who find the option of a belly band for your pet very expensive, the alternative is to learn how to make one yourself. Follow these tips to create a cheaper option with similar and effective results.

  1. The first step in making a belly band is to measure the size of band. This can be done using a measuring tape around his stomach. The measurement should be one that is well-fitting, neither too loose, nor too tight.
  2. Use a fabric that is 20 inches wide. Cut the rest as per the measurement you have taken. The fabric can be one belonging to an old t-shirt or any other garment that is now of no use to you.
  3. Cut a piece of a wash cloth, that is 1 inch smaller than all the sides of the above-mentioned fabric. Stitch it on to the inner side of the band. The wash cloth serves as a good absorbent in case of an accident. For additional absorption you can line the band with a sanitary napkin.
  4. Fold the entire band into half, lengthwise. It should now be 10 inches wide. Stitch the three remaining sides.
  5. Wrap the band around your dog. Mark the position of the velcro strip with a pin, after determining a comfortable fit for the dog. Stitch on the velcro bands on the inner side of the belly band.

You now have a comfortable belly band for your dog. This belly band can be washed in the washing machine. It is advisable to have a spare one handy, in case, the first one gets soiled.

A belly band is an effective way of tackling the problem of frequent urination in dogs. Get your dog a belly band today, or make one for him to save yourself the trouble of having to clean up after him all the time.

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