Advice To Using Positive Reinforcement And Rewards To Train Your Dog

Advice to Using Positive Reinforcement and Rewards to Train Your Dog

Positive reinforcement for training dogs and reward training is often seen as very effective for both the dog and the owner to inculcate good behavior. This method of dog training is so good in training dangerous animals such as lions and tigers for television and circuses purposes.

Most positive reinforcement has been proven to be among the effective techniques, and most dogs actually respond positively.

To actually get a glimpse about the effectiveness of reward training, you definitely need to understand the history between dogs and humans. Since the earlier dog breeds were perhaps wolf puppies that were domesticated and used as human protectors against all forms of predators, and after sometime used as guards for livestock.

It is very true that these new wolf puppies later become the best companions because they were easily trained or probably because they were some orphans or abandoned puppies. Whatever the source, one thing that is for certain is the fact that most of the dogs that we see today originated from the gentle wolf.

It should be noted here that wolf packs, just like those of the wild, fully operate on the basis of pack hierarchy. This therefore is the very essentials of their very survival. Furthermore, they hunt and attack as a unit with each member of the clan actually working towards a primary objective. This is something that is known by almost every member of the pack.

In this light, all the pack members have it as a duty to guide the pack leader towards achieving a common goal. Thus, the basis of all good dog training includes things like reward based training, so that the dog can be groomed as the pack leader. It should be emphasize here that the pack leader is more than a dominant dog, but the one who is in total control over the others. Even so, the pack leader should be able to provide enough protection and leadership, and this leadership is very pivotal to the growth and survival of the pack members.

But the dog should actually see itself as a member of the pack, and to see humans as the ultimate leader. Respect for hierarchy is very crucial here. There are some dogs that are easy to dominate than the others. Just place a group of puppies to play for a while and in less than no time, you are going to discover both the dominant and the acquiescent ones.

Most dogs that have very submissive behavior are more prone to training with the help of positive reinforcement. This is because the dog is not going to pose any challenge to the leader. However, there are some dogs that do not actually respond very well to positive reinforcement, this is also known as reward training.

However, positive reinforcement still remains the best method to retrain dogs with behavioral problems, even those that have been abused in the past. But getting the trust and confidence of an abused still remain a daunting task, but positive reinforcement is considered as the best training method in building this bond.

It does not depend on the type of dog that you are training, but there is a great possibility that it can help immensely. But this training method should be based on both respect and trust, instead of fear and coercion.

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